Baba Saved her life from death

Om Sai Ram I am T V Madhavi from Bhubaneshwar.

I want to share an incident which happened in 2010 to all the Sai Baba devotees. I was coming back from office in the evening one day when I received a call from my neighbour Ambika informing me that her sister aarthi was hospitalised because of an infection around windpipe.

As soon as I reached home I took a small Sai Baba photo and vibhuti with me and rushed to hospital to meet aarthi . She was admitted in kalinga hospital Bhubaneshwar,

I met her husband veeresh at the hospital and enquired about her condition, he said she was critical and is on ventilator in ICU.

I requested him to provide his pass so that I could see her in the ICU. As soon as I entered the ICU I couldn’t believe her condition and felt really sad about her. I kept the small Sai Baba photo under her pillow and applied vibhuti on her forehead and came out.

I consoled her husband and suggested to bring some abhishekam water from nearby Sai Baba temple and sprinkle on her.After visiting her I came back home and sat near my pooja mandir and prayed to Sai Baba “Baba she has kids and more life to lead so please save her, I even assured her husband that you will definitely save her so now its time for you to prove that”.

As the time passed by at night doctors rushed to veeresh and informed that her wife is not reacting to medication and is unable to breathe on ventilator as well , so its better to call your loved ones as we will remove the ventilator.

Veeresh was shocked and tried calling his relatives to inform this and during this an attender came from the second floor and asked veeresh as to what happened? He replied “doctors said that his wife might die soon as she isn’t reacting to the medication they are providing so I am calling my relative, please don’t disturb’’ to this attender.

Then the attender said “why do you worry? Have you given life to her? Nothing will happen to her, Baba is with her in the ICU, don’t worry”. All this conversation with the attender giving assurance about veeresh’s wife was seen by veeresh sister and while this happened she saw the attender disappearing while climbing the stairs.

She was shocked and informed this to her brother who was busy calling their relatives. After sometime doctors informed veeresh that aarthi’s health condition was improving and was responding to their medication which was surprising to them.

By next morning she became normal and was even discharged from the hospital.

After all this happening veeresh invited me to his place, I was unaware of all this so I thought may be something bad might have happened so I went to their place and to my surprise I saw aarthi at home. Her health became normal and they thanked me for giving those kind assurances while her condition was bad.

Veeresh even offered flowers to me to express his gratitude to which I requested him to offer the same flowers to Sai Baba, its all his miracle, I was just a medium through which Baba has showered his grace upon aarthi.

After this incident I would like to say to all the Sai Baba devotees that ‘’ never loose faith in Sai Baba’’ . if you believe in him with shraddha and saburi every difficulty can be crossed in this world.

T V Madhavi  (Bhubaneshwar)

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