Strangely my file was still preserved in the Hospital

Aum Sairam,

This incident occurred in the year 2000. Our family was facing severe financial crisis during that period.

I had a dental issue and had to undergo a surgery. For the surgery to be performed I had to visit the dentist and get some tests done along with an x ray.

I had no money to undergo the treatment. But my case was an emergency. According to the hospital rules, any patient’s file will be maintained by them only for 3 years. My file was outdated.

So I had to first re- register with the hospital. That would cost me Rs.60/-, then the tests and the x ray would cost around 600/-. I approached the reception and wanted to take a chance. I gave my patient id and was certain that they will say it is outdated.

But My Sai, brought my file to their table and saved that 60/- for me. I was amazed because the file should have gone to record room by then.

Even more interesting incident happened. As I was waiting for the doctor to call me, I was earnestly praying to Baba to help me through the situation. When the doctor called, couple of x rays were taken, then I was given a date for the surgery.

I had to settle my account with the hospital reception. As I was about to leave, the doctor called me and said, there is a credit balance in your account, and you need not pay anything. I was speechless. How could this happen? Sai the doctor did this for me. My surgery went off well and I did not have to pay any amount.

Sai is a wondrous saint. Let us ever seek his feet for our salvation.

Sunanda A  (Chennai)

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