Baba appeared as an advocate In Lanchester UK

Aum Sairam,

I am Sunanda from Chennai and have an exclusive miracle of Baba to share with all Sai Bandhus.

My nephew was doing his higher studies in Uk in the year 2011. On a weekend along with his friends they decided to visit Scotland. They were travelling by a car and my nephew was driving.

The roads were wide and great to drive on. So he picked up speed and exceeded the specified speed limit. Immediately, his car was tracked and the police issued him a ticket (that charges an individual who errs). Over speeding is punishable under the act and so he was asked to appear before the court.

Many friends of his frightened him saying the penalty will be very high, or the passport will be taken away from him, that he cannot continue his studies once he has a legal case against him. He was terrified.

He started doing parayan of SAI SAT CHARITA and so did we in India. Neither we nor he had any huge sum to pay as penalty to the court.

The judgement day came. My nephew was interrogated. His bank balances were checked. He pleaded guilty as he had committed the error. Acknowledging his truthfulness and the fact that he is a foreign student he was pardoned with a fine of 2500 Pounds. It was a huge sum.

He requested them to reduce the fine. They considered. The amount was reduced to 1000 pounds after 3 rounds of debating and pleading. He did not have even this money to pay within the stipulated time. At that point, a Lawyer walked in. He was 6’ft tall. He was a Muslim and aged. He talked to the judge and wanted to appear on behalf of my nephew.

My nephew did not know him and above all was wondering how he would pay the lawyer fee. The lawyer came to my nephew and asked him how much he could pay? To this my nephew said about 250 pounds and that too in 5 installments of 50 each.

The lawyer spoke to the Judge and he agreed and issued the order. After the court proceedings were over, my nephew went along looking for the lawyer to thank him . He was not to be found. He checked with the security guard at the entrance of the court if any Muslim lawyer had signed the register in the entrance. No entry was found. The guard said there was no Muslim lawyer attached to the court.

My nephew was speechless. Subsequently, the first installment of 50 pounds alone was paid by my nephew. He completed his course and returned to India with no difficulty what so ever. SO that  was Baba who came in the guise of the lawyer and saved my nephew.

In Sat Charita  Baba says, wherever my devotee may be, even beyond seven seas, I go to protect his interests. What more evidence do we need to evaluate the correctness of Baba’s saying.

Aum Sairam – Always place your 100% faith and trust in Sai. Be patient, He knows when our turn will come.

Sunanda A  (Chennai)

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