Sai’s miracle in successfully completing our Europe trip without obstacles.

Jai Sairam

I am Uma from Banglore . Sai is our Guru , Guide and everything.

Now Sai reminds me about the Europe trip miracle . Few years back we booked for Europe trip and had to start from California . Since the trip was little long we booked the flight tickets exactly on the same day when the Tour bus starts in London.

The plan was that we will reach London in the morning before the bus starts for the sight seeing in London. Then the next day morning once the tour bus starts it will go on without any break till the tour ends.

My family was all set to go and we packed the luggage left to Airport on time and then we had a connecting flight in between to change. We also boarded the flight … But the sad part is the flight was not at all starting already for 2 hours and they announced some problem and due to this delay we missed the connecting flight . We were calm till then .

But became anxious knowing the there is a problem and the passengers were asked to go outside and wait till the next flight starts . We will miss the whole trip if the bus starts there in UK.

The whole money will be wasted and the holiday will be messed up. We immediately ran for help in the reception and told our situation and pleaded them to help .

We were praying to our Sai for help. I prayed to Sai Ganesh that I will offer him Prasad if we start and finish the trip without any obstacles.

With great difficulty we got immediately in another flight which will be starting in next half an hour. But they told that the luggage in another flight will be difficult to trace and move it here to this flight. We were again tensed. We will have nothing without luggage .

But we thought we will keep our full faith on Sai. We were very sad that all the trip plans messed up like this. But we had to board the flight… Because  by Sai’s grace we were able to get the seats in the flight which will reach on that day itself.

We got in to the flight but we were tensed about the luggage whether they were got in to the flight in to which we boarded or not.

But my husband prayed to Sai with full faith that we believe in you our beloved Sai . Please help us and he prayed Sai that I leave all the burden in your hands and he said Sarvasam sarnagatham. Samastham Sarnagatham.

He prayed to Sai that you should only take care and I place my entire faith on you. That was wonder of wonders . We didn’t know how we got the luggage in this flight. When we landed we were stunned to see our luggage’s there. It was a great miracle.

Our joy knew no bounds. We thanked Sai for his mercy and his great help in times of need.

We would have never went to trip at all. All the trip money, time, energy would have been wasted and we would have moaned on our loss. We can’t redeem the loss in anyway and the holiday would have ruined.

But that was not to happen only because our Sai comes to help and always stays beside us to save and protect us from any loss.

We cannot redeem Sai’s help. We can only pray and thank him always and show our gratitude by placing our head on his lotus feet.

Jai Sairam,  Jai Sairam, Jai Sairam.


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