Baba Provided Special Ticket for Kakad Aarati Darshan.

Om Sai Ram

During 2004, I visited Shirdi and stayed at Bhakta Nivas. After the Sej Aarati Darshan at Samadhi Mandir.

I moved to Dwarakamayi and sat near the Tulsi Brindavan. During that time there was no rush at Dwarakamayi.

I opened the book Sri Gurucharita and read few pages. Suddenly a thought came to my mind that tomorrow I would attend all the four Aaratis to be held at Samdhi Mandir and take the darshan  of Sai Baba .

Of course, that was a very good idea and accordingly I planned how to do it and with silent chanting of ,Om Sai namo namo.

I opened the pages of Sri Guru  Charita from the beginning and tried to understand the Leelas of Dattatreya, Sripada Srivallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati.

It was about 11 PM. A lady entered and sat on the stairs of Dwarakamayi. When I looked towards her she called   me  and told, “I have two special tickets for Kakad Aarati. You take these two tickets and have the Kakad Aarati  darshan tomorrow.”

As she was a stranger, I politely refused to take the tickets . Then she asked me, Baba Provided Special Ticket for Kakad Arati Darshan.”I answered, “Yes, Baba had given Laxmibai nine coins before His Mahaprayana.”

She told, “I am the grand daughter of Laxmibai. Don’t refuse, take the tickets and reach at the VIP gate of Samadhi Mandir at 3.30 A.M. tomorrow for Kakad Aarati.” and hundred over the ticket to me.

When I thanked her for the special tickets she told, “Thank to Baba, not to me. It is He who decides who should be given the special tickets for Darshan. Now let us move. ” Then she left.

Next day I reached at the VIP gate of Samadhi Mandir and given entry for Kakad Aarati Darshan. Fortunately I was accommodated in the first row in front of Baba and could get a very nice  darshan of Kakad Aarati and other spiritual activities at Samadhi mandir.

It was really a wonderful experience and I was wondering whether it was real or dream. But I remember, “Baba is omniscient and He blesses the devotees as per their wishes with grace.”  

Om Shree Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Damodara (Bhubaneshwar)

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