Sri Ekkiral Bharadwaj’s  book Shree Guru Charitra translated in Odia language

Om Sai Ram

During 2003, when the shooting and editing of  four pilot episodes of Oriya Television Serial Shirdi Sai was completed I sat with Guruji Chandrabhanu Satapathy for its preview before submission to Doordarshan Kendra, Bhubaneswar.

While arrangement was made for the preview Guruji asked me, “Damodara, have you referred any book written by Ekkiral Bharadwaj for preparation of the script of the serial ?” When I politely said noGuruji told, “Shri Ekkiral Bharadwaj has played a major role in spreading the Leela of Shirdi Sai in Andhrapradesh and Southern India by publishing the Leela’s in Telugu and English Language. His books “Shree Guru Charitra and Sai Baba – the Master” are unique books for understanding Sai Baba and Dattatreya tradition. Read these  books which will be helpful in preparing the scripts of serial Shirdi Sai.”

From the next day I started searching for the sacred book  Shree Guru Charitra in libraries, book stalls and even in book exhibitions. But I could not get it.

However, while proceeding to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan I was fortunate to get the English version of the books Shree Guru Charitra and Sai Baba – the Master written by Ekkiral Bharadwaj from Secunderabad Railway Station.

With curiosity when I opened the pages of the book Shree Guru Charitra I felt an urge to translate the book in Odia language for the benefit of the Odia readers.. But as I have no mastery in English Language I prayed Sai Baba for His blessings to take up the translation work.

Fortunately at 5 P.M. when I entered into Manmad Express the compartment was full with the disciples of Ekkiral Bharadwaj . When I discussed about the translation of the book  Sri Guru Charitra one of them told, “Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swami  of  Ekkiral Bharadwaj Foundation is moving to Shirdi by the same train. Tomorrow you may seek his permission for the purpose.”

At Shirdi I stayed with the disciples of Sri Ekkiral Bharadwaj  in Bhakta Niwas. Next day at about 10A.M. I met Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swami and he gave me the blessings and permission  to translate the book Shree Guru Charitra in Odia.

            This was a very hard task which was not possible on my part but with the blessings of  Sai Baba the translation work of Shree Guru Charitra was completed within six months. The book was published on Vijaya Dasami-2004 and now this is a very popular book among the Sai devotees of Odisha

           I bow before Lord Dattareya and His incarnations Sri Sripada Sriballabha, Sri Narasimha Saraswati, Sri Manikya Prabhu, Sri Akalkot Maharaj and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba for their blessings in completing this work.

“Shree Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.”

Damodara (Bhubaneshwar)

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