Baba gave me blessings in form of Elderly gentleman

Om Sai Ram

         I am T V Madhavi  from bhubaneshwar. I want to share an incident which happened in 2013 with me to  all the Sai Baba Devotees here.  I went to shirdi in april 2013 along with my sister in law, after having the darshan of kakad aarti we came out from the mandir at 6.30am in the morning and we came across an elderly gentleman near Samadhi mandir. I would like to explain the rest  in a conversation format :

Elderly gentleman : What are you doing here? (IN HINDI)

Me : We just had kakad aarti darshan and came out of the mandir. ( I replied in HINDI)

Elderly gentleman : Ok so you seem be a telugu lady?

Me : Yes

Elderly gentleman : Just few meters away from here they are serving halwa prasadam to everyone, come along with me I will  take you.

Me : We went along with that elderly gentleman for the halwa prasadam and while we were standing in the queue for the prasadam he questioned me like this.

Elderly gentleman : What did you see in the samadhi mandir?

Me : I saw Sai Baba.

Elderly gentleman : Did you see Sai Baba in Marble or the real one?

Me : I was startled at his question.

Elderly gentleman : Sai Baba  in marble form is everywhere around this world but the real Sai Baba exists in Shirdi, so go and visit the Samadhi mandir again.

Me : I felt as if he ordered me by those words, so after taking prasadam, I went again to visit the Samadhi mandir along with my sister in law.

To my surprise this time I witnessed the real  Sai Baba for few moments and my joy knew no bounds, I felt the goose bumps after having such darshan of Sai Baba.

I soon related this experience to the words written by Ekkirala Bharadwaj Gaaru in Saileelamrutam “ to see that smile of Sai Baba and to receive his grace one can wait or stay any longer in Shirdi”.

Taking this divine experience with me we both came out after the darshan and it was 8.30am. I went to lendi and started doing 108 pradakshina around the Dattatreya  vigraha.

While doing pradakshinas that elderly gentleman came back again and asked me, Where were you? I was searching for you all this time? I have even asked people if they have seen a lady in yellow saree? Did you have the darshan?

As soon as I saw him I touched his feet and took his blessings for suggesting me to go back and have the real  Sai Baba darshan.

He gave a mango, some vibhuti packets and one Sai Satcharithra book in telugu. After giving the mango, pointing towards it, he asked what is this? I replied, mango. He Said, No, it’s the fruit of your worship, and he left.

I resumed the pradakshina and finished it. After sometime when I opened the Sai Satcharithra book I was surprised to see a message in it saying ,’’with best wishes and full of blessings, Madhavi’’.

If you observe the whole experience nowhere did we introduce ourselves to that elderly gentleman with our names, then how come he knew my name? I realized that all this is the leela of that divine God SAI BABA.

May that grace be showered on all the devotees who read this divine experience.

AKhilanda koti brahmanda nayaka raja di raja yogi raja satchitananda samartha sadguru Sainath maharaj ki JAI!!!

T V Madhavi  (Bhubaneshwar)

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Yes,, that day i have real dersan of sainaath..Not like a marbal statue..He is really staying at samadhi mandir.jai sai ram

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