Proceeded with Sai Pooja without hinderance

Sairam all, 

Today baba is reminding me of a wonderful leela.

I am blessed to do Sai Pooja with Sai’s blessings on Thursdays. I also experience Sai leela. I always remember that Sai made me do Pooja through all these years without any hindrance.

I remember that when I initially got viral arthritis I couldn’t do anything and was very sick.

But Sai sent a women who helped me do the Pooja. I was wondering if I could do the Pooja since I was not physically fit.

But it was a wonder that in nick of the time I got help and was able to proceed with the Pooja.  Last week also I was having a cut on my finger and was paining badly.

 I can see that Sai blessed me and protected me and the cut was not very worse.

But still it was deep and I couldn’t do much work. I was worried as Thursday was approaching, because my finger is cut and it was not getting healed.

I removed the bandage and slept the before night. I was surprised to see that the finger healed completely on Thursday morning and there was no trace of pain, swelling or uneasiness.

I was so happy and proceeded with my Pooja by offering all naivedhyam and other formalities to our beloved Sai.

 I had immense joy that the Pooja went on well.

Thank you Sai for your love on all of us guiding and protecting us always. I know that you protected me from finger getting cut deeply and also healed the pain and made me do your Pooja. Thank you very much Baba.

Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. 


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