By Baba Grace we spend all Aarati’s in a day at Baba Premises in Shirdi with full of joy


               I am T V MADHAVI from bhubaneshwar. I want to share a recent experience of my shirdi trip to all the Sai Baba devotees here. On july 1st me and my husband went to shirdi and made bookings for kakad Aarthi.

Generally the timings of the kakad Aarthi are 5.15am but we were not aware that the timings have been changed to 4.30am now, so as soon as we reached the temple at 4.30am we weren’t allowed inside as kakad aarthi has already started.

I was shocked to hear about the new timings and the fact that I might not be able to see kakad aarthi, I went into tears and seeing me a guard there tried consoling me and said,’’don’t worry madam, I will allow you through VIP gate after the kakad aarthi and retain these tickets for the afternoon aarthi’’.

As soon as kakad aarthi was over that guard allowed us to Samadhi mandir via VIP gates and while hearing Vishnu sahasranamam we had the darshan of Sai Baba and came out.

              After coming out of the temple me and my husband went to PRO office for making these morning kakad aarthi tickets valid for afternoon aarthi as we were apprehensive about the same guard being available in the afternoon to let us in so to be on a safe side we wanted those tickets to be legally valid as we really didn’t appear for morning  kakad aarthi.

In the PRO office they stamped only my husband ticket for afternoon aarthi and they forgot to stamp on my ticket which we realized after the darshan.

So in the evening we planned to attend the aarthi with my ticket which was not stamped, so we proceeded to the temple and to my surprise the guards didn’t acknowledge the ticket I had and let us in for the aarthi.

             When we came out of the temple after evening aarthi we saw the guard has been changed so we thought as we still have the ticket with us so lets try to attend the night aarthi, when we reached the temple again the guard said,  ‘ I can’t allow for aarthi but you can have darshan through VIP gate’.

We obeyed him and finally my ticket was checked and got stamped at the gate and we both had in complete four darshan’s in a day. After all that happened, I thought the kind of grace sai baba showed towards me today was exhilarating.  May sai baba shower his grace on all the devotees who read this experience.

Akhilanda koti brahmanda nayaka raja di raja yogi raja samartha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

T V Madhavi  (Bhubaneshwar)

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on that day wondrafull dersan we have..ofcourse i m his can he ignore.?.jai sairam

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