Miracle of Meeting with a Bank Manager at  Shirdi

Om Sai Ram

During 2004, after morning darshan at Shirdi I went to a hall near to Samadhi Mandir for Sai Satyanarayan Puja . But as the hall was not opened I sat on a chair near the entrance and prayed Baba silently chanting  the mantra “Om Sai Namo Namah………” .After some time a gentle man came and sat beside me.

When I greeted him with the words “Om Sai Ram” He reciprocated and said, “I am Nitin Kumar, a Bank Manager from Nasik. I have come here for Sai Satya Narayan Puja. I hope you are waiting for the same purpose?”

I replied, “Yes Sir, after the morning darshan I am waiting for Sai Satya Narayan Puja. I am Damodara from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.” Then we talked for some time and when  the hall was opened we entered into the hall. I performed the Puja as guided by the priest and returned back to Bhakta Niwas with the Prasad and coconut given during Sai Satya Narayan Puja.

On arrival at Bhakta Niwas I opened my locker and started packing the Prasad and Coconut for bringing it to Bhubaneswar. At this time the Bank Manager (Whom I had met at Sai Mandir) came to me and said, “Damoraji, are you staying here in Bhakta Niwas?” I replied, “Yes sir. Whenever I come to Shirdi I prefer to say in dormitory of Bhakta Niwas so that I can interact with the Sai Devotees”. He said, “Very nice. May I sit near you? I said, “ Sir, you are welcome.”

Then I spread a new towel  beside me for his sitting. He sat and asked me, “Damodarajee, what have you brought for Baba from Odisha?” I replied, “Sir, I came in a hurry. So I could only bring some ladus which I have already offered to Baba.”

He looked at me and said, “Will you share a ladu with me?” Without any words I opened the ladu packet in front of Him and He gladly ate one ladu and said , “Damodaraji, if you don’t mind, I shall ask for a small help. My purse was stolen and I have no money to return back to Nasik. If you will pay me the bus fare to Nasik that will solve my problem.”

During  that time I was running shortage of money due to the production of Odia Shirdi Sai serial and barely three to four hundred rupees were in my pocket. Still I asked, “Sir, what will be the fare to Nasik?” He said, “ The fare from Shirdi to Nasik is only seventy five rupees .You give me that much. I promise, I shall send back the money to your address within seven days.’’

Without any hesitation I told,” Sir, I am sorry. Now I am running shortage of money. Kindly take this eighty rupees .With this small amount you may take a cup of tea @ Rs 1, lunch at Sai Prasadalaya @Rs.4 and then proceed to Nasik by bus.” He gladly accepted eighty rupees and wrote his address on my letter pad and left Bhakta Niwas with the promise to return it within seven days.

On the next day I returned back to Bhubaneswar  and remain busy in my work. To my surprise on the sixth day evening of my return from Shirdi I got a phone call and the caller asked, “Damodaraji , I am from ICICI Bank. I heard from one of your friend that you are  running shortage of money due to the production of Odia serial Shirdi Sai . Our bank will pay you a personal loan to overcome the problem.” When I hesitated He said, “ Don’t worry, we need only  your salary certificate and two passport size photographs. We are reaching at your residence tomorrow morning. Please keep these documents ready.”

As promised two persons came to my residence at 8 AM next day morning and collected the documents after a cup of tea. By the evening they phoned me and said , “ Mr. Parida , today Rs 1, 80,000/- has been sanctioned in your favour. You can draw it tomorrow during banking hours.”

I could understand that this was a miracle and Sai Baba tested me in disguise of a bank manager at Shirdi. Sai always tests His devotees and keeps His promise to favour them .

 I salute at His sacred feet.

“Shree Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.”

Damodara (Bhubaneshwar)

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