” Tell me, how you want the accident to be?”


I am Hari Kiran Gudapati friend of Madhavi from Bhubaneshwar,  and proud to be a part of Sai’s family.

Today , I would like to share one of many unbelievable experiences of Sai  to me.

Why these are important to me is that I am a core non believer of orthodoxed God and so on. If I see that Sai was treated as God, I will move away from Him, again he will pull me back.

In this back and forth game I was tired, but not He ,in spite of millions of his devotees. Some how,by Sai’s grace, I always feel  that he is watching me and correcting me as Guru, but never ever scolding me, just like a mother.

In this transit, I would like to share my accident experience happened on Sep 17th 2016.  3 to 4 days before the accident, in the evening time, Baba suddenly appeared beside me in the air and asked me, ” Tell me, how you want the accident to be?” And he vanished.

I was totally, DUMBSTRUCK, but out of my conscious, I was crying flowingly and asked him, ignoring the fact that he was not there anymore and that I am still in trance, I asked him, “Sai, if some  one would have asked me this question, I would have come running like a cyclone, to You and cry in your lap like a baby. But now, if you are asking me where can I go?, ” .

It took me many hours to be in proper senses, but thank God, all this time I still felt the aroma of his  presence as a friend. Then after one and a half day, I realized the truth as, ‘ what if , this could be really going to happen?’. Sai doesn’t waste his time for nothing. I am not his only child. Might be this opportunity may be forgone if I didn’t use it.

So I thought in my mind about Sai Nath said that, if accident happens,at all, it shouldn’t be my fault, my children shouldn’t be in the car, as this shouldn’t be their suffocation for Life,as it is not their mistake. Same way, opposite person, who would have hit me, also shouldn’t  have children in his car, because children are children for any one.

Nothing should happen to me or I should come out with minor injuries , same with the other driver too.as he may commit the accident in his own hurry, but pain is pain for any one. Nothing should happen to my car… wait.. if  nothing  have happened to the car ,then it’s not an accident. So for car it’s o.k but not much..

After 3 days.. my girl’s ever waiting day,  Home coming dance day. So they are in their school on Saturday night 9 o clock, and this guy hit my car on the green light to me making all my fears come true, and at ‘ no fault’ of me. My car was locked down and air bags, both of them popped out and as an asthmatic person I am running out of breathe and said to myself, Said where are you, what have you done to me? HELP ME OUT. out of the meager crowd, few people came running to me and pulled me out of the car and took me out of the major intersection. 

I couldn’t even scold the other guy. But the process after it had happened so quickly, that I could come out of the nonsense, really within 15 days, though the PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) still continues, but not making me happy that it proved to me that Baba is there with me, now and FOREVER. This proves his words, ‘ I will be there,  wherever  your Faith is!’

Hari Kiran Gudapati

Sandigo (USA)

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