Sai Baba in the form of Subrahmanya Swamy

Jai Sairam, 

I usually do fasting on the last day of Subramanya swami shasti that comes yearly. It starts after the day of deepavali and ends on shasti day ,

when the God subramanya kills demon and it is celebrated in temple in Ulsoor ( Banglore) very elaborate way. We can have darshan in the evening in temple and then break the fast. But some people break the fast the next day.

I had bad health and was worried about how should I fast last year and then I decided to pick chits in front of Sai and abide by the picked up chit ( I wrote fasting on one chit and no fasting on other chit).

 I was already very very hungry and wanted to eat but I also wanted to fast since I was doing it for years together and I don’t want to miss the Pooja with fasting .

 Anyhow I left to Sai and thus is the first time for me to cast lots and abide by pick up chit in front of Sai . But I was wondering that Sai will not want me to fast.

Anyhow I prayed and picked the chit and to my surprise it was the chit which said Fasting. So I decided to do Pooja and fast on the shasti day.

The wonder is that from the time I picked up chit in the morning I didn’t feel ill and I was not hungry and had full energy. It was a miracle and I can feel the Sai Leela and was having inner joy that Sai made me do the Pooja according to my wish.

One more thing is that I used to visit the Subramanya swami temple in Ulsoor when we were staying nearby to that temple.

But this time we are very far off and I had a wish that I should visit that temple but I was wondering if that is possible because it is a weekday and my husband comes home late and he can’t take me to temple.

To my surprise and joy my husband stayed back home and took me to the temple and I can’t express the joy I was feeling that Sai gave me darshan of all the proceedings in temple and gave me Prasad to eat and finally coming out of temple I wished to have one more darshan and again the temple priests were taking the God on pallaki around the temple and I had wonderful darshan very near to me once again.

I am very  thankful to Sai for making my wish come true. 


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