Baba Protected from Penalty

Jai Sairam.

Actually when we were in U.S. Once we went to visit our cousins in Oakland from Cupertino.

As we all know that the fine amount will be very high in U.S. If we don’t wear seat belts or if we skip sign boards and jump signals and it is equally dangerous to do in case the vehicles from other side is in high speed .

We need to take exams or pay high penalty amount up to 1000 dollars or more in some cases both, otherwise the license will be invalid.

We can also see the cameras which will be active and take snaps of the vehicles which jump signals and the ticket ( fine) amount will be sent home by tracking the address based on the car number.

So, when we were going to our cousins house the GPS somehow guided us through longer way and we missed somewhere and came to a road where there are signals every step.

It is really fishy and my husband didn’t realized that there is another signal with in a 5 foot distance and he proceeded to drive and we were stunned to notice that we jumped the signal and lot of flashes were appearing as the cameras from all the directions are taking snaps in the four road signal and then we were also shocked that the car from other side is coming fast but it didn’t hit us. We were escaped.

I can see how Sai protected us from  escaping the hit and still we were worried about the ticket that we will get for the fine amount and it will surely be more money.

But however I prayed to Sai that if we are not fined then I will donate some amount and also thanked Sai for saving us.

However we were anxious and wonder of wonders that we didn’t get the ticket ( fine) delivered to home and we were so happy that we were also saved from the payment of amount which might be more.

It is common that we will not wish to pay so much of dollars in fine. Moreover we might have take driving classes and exams.

I happily donated the amount which I thought I will and we were really so much excited and surprised that Sai protected us from the mishap and also helped us to donate instead of paying penalty.

Thanks to Sai. It is a wonderful miracle.


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