BABA providing guidance during my wedding

Om Sai Ram

I am Vidya Deshpande and I am Madhavi’s(Bhubaneshwar) sister’s daughter. This is a wonderful saileela and how he provides the direction to you when in need.

In the year 2001, I have received my student Visa to study in Florida , US .

This was the first time I am leaving my home and going to different country all by myself.

My Aunt Mrs.Madhavi could not come to see me off before my journey , so she came to see me in Bombay Airport. I was very upset taking my first flight to Bombay and was crying through out the travel time.

I met my Aunt at the airport and she said this “ Don’t worry BABA is there and she presented me a small BABA Idol in my hands and said Take Care “.

BABA came along with me till Florida , provided me the needed strength to be strong while being away from home.

After this, my journey to Florida was far better and I was more confident when landing in Florida. My graduation date was coming near and because of 2001 Terror attack in US the H1 Visas had many restrictions .

Me & my parents were getting worried hearing the different stories about H1 and student visas.

In 2003 March I spoke to my parents and asked them to start looking for a boy for me , since if I don’t go in 2003 I will not be able to leave US until my H1 visa was finalized .

My parents said yes we will start looking for matches for me and I went to speak to my professor for a break from my semester.

My professor immediately agreed for me to take a break for Summer quarter  & I booked my tickets to travel back to India in May.

Me & my mom went to a marriage bureau in Dilshuknager . We all believe in  horoscopes so we both were looking for grooms with the perfect matching stars .

While doing that we short listed 6 grooms. One of the 6 was Amith Deshpande , his picture was unique as the picture had him with his parents and that caught our eye .

My mom said , they seem to be maharastrians not sure if they will select us as we speak telugu and are not maharastrians.

I told my mom that when reading Sai Charitra I have read about MadhavRao Deshpande , may be BABA is telling me pick this person with that same last name .

After that conversation while reading the profile there was small sentence at the last which said : Preferred Telugu Speaking Girl “. I was surprised. We picked up the details of all the 6 grooms and went back home.

My parents started calling these grooms and they have scheduled the time for the groom to come see me. I had weird and different encounters with all these grooms.

Either they said No or they had very weird asks like what was my blood group to make a decision of marriage. The whole process was getting difficult to manage for all us in the family.

All these grooms who came to see me were all from our community of Vaishava Brahmins few telugu speaking few tamil speaking. None of them said Yes.

Me, my parents were all getting stressed about the whole situation because ashadam was soon approaching and we did not like any one yet. Also my return date was coming close as well. It was already mid of June and Ashadam was coming on July 10th.

We all left the hope of marriage in this visit and my parents were getting worried seeing all this. So finally my mom said lets call the Deshpandes to see if they are here and will they be interested.

For us it was like, lets see what will this person say. After calling them they had said that the boy will be coming on June 20th and will let us know after he comes.

Me, my mom & my Aunt went to BABA temple in Padma RaoNagar . I was sitting in front of BABA there and I was seeing into his eyes and talking to my self “ BABA please let me know if this person will be the right choice and what should be my response to them, will they accept the proposal “ suddenly I felt BABA closing his eyes and giving me his consent. For a second, I thought I was imagining, I closed my eyes and opened them still I saw his eyes closing and a smile on his face.

We went home and the boy came to see me. My brother saw him and said don’t worry Vidya just say YES. I had just 5 mins of talking time with him and I said YES.

My mom & Aunt asked me you don’t want to talk to him, I said NO , BABA already told me YES . And for our surprise the boy said YES and they wanted the Wedding be to done before the boy leaves to US .

And the muhurtham was fixed for July 9th Thursday . Here I am now married to him for 14 years with two beautiful children .

BABA is every where, BABA listens to bakhti and BABA took care of me all along my journey . He still guides me in the right direction.

Jai SAI Ram.

Vidya Deshpande

California (USA)

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