Sai blessed us with wonderful Darshan by taking me to Shirdi inspite of my ill health

Jai Sairam,

I am very much blessed and fortunate to have beloved SadGuru Sainath Maharaj in my life. I can’t imagine how miserable my life would be otherwise. Always thanking Sai and remembering him lovingly is only thing we can do, I wish Sai fulfills that wish too by always making my mind and soul fixed on Sai and do Sai smarana.

I am reminded of a beautiful Sai Leela. Actually we all Sai Bandhus went to Shirdi together 2 years Back And I was really very weak due to viral Arthritis and was not able to decide whether to accompany with everybody to Shirdi, but I want to go and had immense wish to have darshan of Sai in Shirdi.

I told my husband that I may not come and I am feeling very painful and sick. But before my husband booked the tickets he asked me again. I also got a message in Nector of the day( daily Sai messages) saying that if we have sankalpa, then Sai will take care.

So immediately I changed my mind and told my husband to book tickets for me too. We all went happily to Shirdi and all other Sai Bandhus joined together and went for darshan.

I usually had a doubt how to get darshan of Sai by standing just before him in Sai mandir for kakad Aarthi. I was surprised that Sai made us all to have darshan by standing very close by to him for the whole kakad Aarthi time.

It was so blissful and wonderful experience and words fail to explain the experience. Well, I thought of offering guavas to Sai and wanted to buy them and other Sai devotees wanted to offer dhoodh peda and so on.

But I couldn’t find guavas around before going to darshan and so I got dhoodh peda along with others and then somebody suggested that I can find in other road and we all went there and all of them bought guavas too for offering.

So we all went to offer to Sainath Maharaj and we gave our offerings to the priest there, then got back our bags  to our wonder and delight all of them opened bags and found that only guavas was taken from My bag and from other Sai devotee bag only dhoodh peda was taken( they wanted to offer dhoodh peda) and so on.

We were stunned and was joyfully thinking about the Sai Leela that Sai had our offerings as per our wish.

We had experienced the miracle of Sai and we had a happy and wonderful Sai Darshan.

I totally forgot about my pains and was very happy about the miracles that happened and had faith that Sai will take care.

So, that faith made me decide for going to Shirdi pilgrimage and Sai took care of us and gave us wonderful experiences and darshan. Jai Sairam

Sainath Maharaj ki Jai


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