This is how I blessed by Sai Baba

Jai Sai Ram.

I would like to share how the seeds of Navaguruvara vrat was implanted in me.

It was many years back, while I was in India, almost every Thursday, Sai Baba’s vehicle for alms used to come to our place and we all used to donate money, clothes or something they might need to eat.

That day also, the vehicle went away. Then I have gone out for a little grocery shopping and while I was coming home from far I have seen an old Guy Almost dressed up like Baba in white Khafani, and he was walking towards our apartments.

I have accidentally noticed that, he was not even wearing his footwear in that wild hot sun and that he was forwarding towards me. My mind was saying, probably he Is Baba, but my heart is saying no no don’t believe…even if it is the truth.

In this dilemma, he was totally near to me within minutes magically. He took alms from me and he said to me about Nava Guruvara Vrat which I vaguely gave any attention, thinking in my mind, ” Even if you are Baba also or my good well-wisher too, but its damn heard for me to concentrate for 1 week Parayanan ,least 9 weeks is out of my mind’.

Then I  have asked him to wait ,as I will go upstairs and get him some slippers, as he looks old guy, it might be hard for him to walk like that’. Thinking that he didn’t care for my words and wait long, I rushed upstairs to catch a pair, and by the time I came down he was not there.

I ran through 4 sides, but I couldn’t find him at all. After many years my last week’s experience and it happened, the reading without any disturbances.

Friends please start yours at the earliest, if not by his words,’ It would be very late to get your turn’.

Please catch Baba with your faith and devotion, as it is as easy to miss him as to catch him by our ignorance, yet as a mother he gives us opportunity when pleaded from heart with True Love.

Samartha SadGuru SaiNath Maharaj ki Jai.

Hari Kiran Gudapati

Sandigo (USA)

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