My experience with Sai and Sai Master

Sri Sai Baba and Sri Sai Master played a very important role in my life in the year 2014,

They saved me from the death bed and proved their love towards the people who trust them will never be left alone.

Sai Baba the fifth manifestation of the adi garu Datta and a Sadgaru who has been in flesh and blood for almost 64 years in Shirdi has shown the power of Garu and devotion before and after his maha Samadhi.

There are millions of people who witnessed his love and power.

Sri Pujya Master Ekkirala Bharadwaja (Sri sai Master) after a profound spiritual experience at the Samadhi Mandir of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi 9th February 1963,

Shirdi has become baba’s life time devote, left his IAS appointment for SAI, started Baba satsang, wrote numerous books on Baba and other saints, traveled across India to meet saints to seek their blessing and knowledge.

Baba is with me : –

December 14th 2013, Sai master appears in my dreams and says you are going through a difficult phase in life, do not leave the feet of Sai Baba, he will protect you.

January 2014: severe health issues started with loss of appetite and was only on fluid diet till march

8th February: was taken to my cousin’s house in kukatpally as my parents were to attend another cousin’s wedding, I remember chanting Baba’s name only.

9th February 2014: afternoon was lying in bed when I realized that there was something wrong with me and I was not able to move and even call anyone for help,

I could see only flash of lights and then I saw two people (yama batulu) coming from it to take me away. Then Sai Master came out of me and signaled them to stop, went near them and said to go away but they were coming towards me, then Sai Baba comes from me with satka in his hand and running towards them shouting “go away go away” and drives those both yama batulu away, then he enters into my heart saying Allah malik, following him my Sai Master enters me saying do not worry we will stay in your heart forever to protect you.

They saved me, proved me that trust in God will always save you.

My faith in Sai Baba and Sai Master has become infinite from that day as I had my own experience.  9th feb is a very  auspicious day in sai masters life and now it is a auspicious day in my life also.

There are many many sai leela’s in 2014 only such as my graduation despite illness, admission process, visa day, etc.

I am sharing this experience as my mom asked me to let world know Baba’s eternal power and love towards his devotees.

Jai sai ram

Jai jai sai master… !!!

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