One who loves Baba is sure to win the grace of other saints

The one who is dear to Shirdi Sai Baba will invariably be so to any other great saint. One who loves Baba for no other gain than true enlightenment is sure to win the grace of other saints.

Sri. P. Subbaramaiah, a science teacher in the high school at Kalichedu village (Nellore Dt.) has been devoted to Sri Sai Baba since a few years.

Once he visited a great saint named Avadhuta Venkaiah Swami (mentioned in the introduction) and requested him to grace his house. “Not now. We shall see later!”, he said. In 1977 Subbaramaiah had completed the thirteenth parayan of the Telugu version of this book by the time of holy Gurupurnima.

Quite surprisingly, a day before that holy day, the swami visited his house, lit up the holy fire (dhuni) there and blessed their family! That day the Sai devotees of that place were performing incessant bhajan from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. at the house of Smt. Subbamamba. The Avadhuta graced this function too for half an hour.

The strangest part of it is that he never visits anyone’s house and even when there is a heavy rain he has to be forcibly taken for shelter into someone’s and even then, he sits only in the verandah. Besides, the swami accepted the hospitality offered by Sri Subbaramaiah.

His immediate disciples marveled at his quite unwonted gesture. Nothing can explain this except the grace of Baba!

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