Bhiku Bai

2nd December, 1936 ~ BhikuBai, wife of Bayyaji Patil Kothe, caste Marathi, aged about 42, residence Shirdi says:

“My parental home is Ahmadnagar. I knew Radhakrishnabai as a friend at Nagar.

She had a photo of Sai Baba and she told me about him there.

She was worshiping him with Arathi etc. She told me she wanted to go to him. Her paternal grandfather was a lawyer there.

Baba Saheb Ganesh was his name. She resided with him. I was wedded to one at Sangamner and he died and from there in my 14th year I came here,as Radhakrishna Ayi, my friend was here serving Sai Baba (1908).

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