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Sai Baba gave the money 10 times

I am Kishore babu Kondaveeti, had a great experience of Sai Baba while I was pursuing MS in Pune.

One day I went to my home for asking the money to register this website.

I asked my father for money at that time he had only 5000.

But when I asked my father for money, he used to give me the money at least 10,000.

So at that time he didn’t have more than 5000 otherwise he would have given more than 10 000.So he gave me 5000 only, then I spent Rs.1000 on that day itself for other purposes.

Finally in my pocket I had 4000 only, but on that day itself I had to leave for Pune.

But Rs 4000 is not sufficient for registering this website.

Then suddenly I reminded one of the sayings of Sai Baba i.e

“Give Me One Rupee I shall give you Ten Rupees”

Then I put the Rs. 4000 before Baba photo at 12.00 in the afternoon and prayed that “Give me the money ten times of the amount”.

My father asked so many persons for money, but nobody could give the money.

Then my father told me that I will deposit the money after one or two days.

Then after I went to the town which is near by my village while coming back to my village I received one phone call from my father , then my father told me that come to home ,bring the money and deposit in the bank.

After reaching my home, he had given money bag at 4.00 P.M, then I left to bank for depositing the money and reached by 4.40 P.M .Nobody was there ,then I asked the security he replied me that the bank closing time is 4.00 P.M, but I observed three persons in the bank.

They were Branch Manager, Asst Manager and one employ, then I asked the employee “please deposit the money”.

He replied that sorry accounts are closed and I am unable to deposit your money and then he suggested that better to go to Asst Manager, he can deposit your money. So I requested the Asst. Manager

“please deposit my money” then he accepted for depositing the money then

I opened the bag and saw the money Rs 40 ,000 in the bag, immediately I asked my father why had you given Rs. 40 000 then he replied me that my mind had taught better to give you Rs. 40000.

Then I was very much pleased

10*4000= 40 000….:)

Kishore Babu Kondaveeti


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Sreenivas Murthy

Sai Baba…Sai Baba…Sai Baba…Website looking is so good Sai


Sai Baba is Great…Sai Baba is Great


Sairam…Sairam…pls let me know how to open shiridisai answers….I am unable to find it in this site…which I was asked and got valuable answers from saibaba…jai sairaam sairaam..


will update it soon

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