Why the heck I am living this life?. I wanted to end it up.

‘Why the heck I am living this life?. I wanted to end it up. ‘

Deepaavali, the festival of lights.

Jai Sairam. Happy Deepaavali. In its honor, the festival, of killing darkness within one’s innerself , I would like to share this experience.

Out of life crisis, I prayed to Baba many a times,

‘Why the heck I am living this life?. I wanted to end it up. ‘ .

This one time I was really serious about my words, one last time I have prayed Baba, he asked me to read Pothi of Akkalkot Swamiji.

 I didnt read any of  his stories. So , counting on Baba’s words,  I  started googling and was not of good mood except for Baba, I just wanted to read only one chapter whatever it comes first.

This was the chapter page I got;

A person wants to commit a suicide by jumping into a well and that Akkalkot Swamiji stops him saying a brief explanation of how he has to suffer his deeds of this life, his brief ending of this life and also his karmas  all in the next life.

It sounded as if both the Gurus , baba and swamiji are teaching very aptly to me. And so ,I  have changed my plans to live as longer as Baba blesses me with.

But later , one fine day, I was thinking about this incident and asked Baba,

‘what good I would have done , so that you have helped me just when I needed you’. 

Baba’s response was, ‘ your ancestors good deeds are showering I’m  you’.  So there is a bestowing responsibility on all of us to be good for ourselves and also for our future generations, for  exactly when they need it.

This is how my inner darkness has been removed like a weed in a field.  Friends, Baba like a Sadguru , guiding us not only for this life but also seeding for our future life’s good karmas too. 

Thank you Sai for being my Guide and up keeping your vow of  Samartha Sadguru .

Satchithananda sadguru Sainatha maharaj ki jai..

Hari kiran,



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