She replied Baba that her hand and leg were fractured and she is unable to stand up.

Baba Miracle 7

Om Sai Ram

“Baba Blessed My Wife By Touching Her Fractured Hand and Cured Her Pain”

On 2/5/05 @ Nagpur My Wife Suchitra met with a horrible accident. Her right shouldet leg fingers etc got fractured. There were scars on the skin including fractures.
Doctor at Nagpur tied the shoulder fracture from the neck joint as the hand became cross shaped due to fracture.
Her leg also became cross so that she could not walk properly.
During the process of healing the fractures my wife became Staunch devotee of Sai Baba. She was thinking of Baba all the time. She prayed Baba so much to give her relief from the pain.

On 25/5/05 might at 1.55 am my wife was awake as he was finding it difficult to sleep. Suddenly Sri Sainadh himself came and stood in front of my wife. She was very much surprised.

Sai Baba asked her to get up. She replied Baba that her hand and leg were fractured and she is unable to stand up.

Baba asked her to show the places where she had fractures. She felt embarrassed to move up her saree to show the hurt on leg.

Baba told her that he is her mother father and sister and asked her not to feel embarrassed. Baba touched her hand and turned it.

Baba touched the bandages tied to her hand and leg. Immediately the bandages and the medicine block tied to the fracture got removed and fell down.

Baba sat beside her asked her to stretch her hand straight. He hold her hand pulled it straight. He asked her to fold the hand again. Then she folded again and Baba assured her that her hand became normal ad before.

Baba stood up and blessed her. She offered Tea to Baba. But he gave a smile.

She immediately woke me up to show baba. But by the time i woke up Baba left. But i could notice her hand and became normal. The medicine block was lying on the floor.

My wife was standing by folding her hand. I asked her to stretch her hand. When she stretched it we saw Baba Vibhuthi was kept in her hand by Baba. We were very lucky to have such wonderful miracle in our life.

My wife never visited Shirdi before. She used to go to a temple located near our home.

Once we family planned Shirdi trip and visited Shirdi. We had a wonderful darshan of Sai Baba.

After the darshan we went to Prashadh hall to have lunch. During the lunch time my wife found one baba locket in between the food. We were very very very much surprised. We asked the serving devotees whether they had any clue about how the locket was found in food. Even they were shocked to see the locket in food.

We are highly blessed to have witnessed such wonderful miracles in our life.

Om Sai Ram.

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