Baba came to the rescue of His devotees, stuck on Railway platforms in the crowd

Baba came to the rescue of His devotees, stuck on Railway platforms in the crowd

Shri Hanumanth Rao is a old devotee, aged around 94 years of age. He was one of the pioneer devotees of Hyderabad, who did prachar of Sai Baba.

He used to regularly have Sai Satsangas and Bhajans in his house. Smt Mani Amma who translated the Sai Satcharitra into telugu, also regularly visited the satsangas.

Sri Hanumanth Rao stayed for some time in Shirdi. Now he is leading a healthy life even at this age.)

The number of instances where Baba came to the rescue of His devotees, stuck on Railway platforms in the crowd.

Sai Satcharitra illustrates an incident:

when Balaram Mankar wanted to travel by train from Poona to Dadar.

At the booking office he felt helpless as he found a big crowd.

Just as he gave up hope of travelling that day, a man looking like a villager came

Straight to him and told him that he had cancelled his Dadar trip and offered his ticket to him.

Mankar was pleasantly surprised.

But before he could take out the money, the man disappeared into the crowd.

He rushed forth immediately and searched for him all over the place but there was no trace of the villager.

It suddenly dawned on him who that villager was.

Now read these similar incidents from the life of a saintly devotee from Hyderabad.

It was in October, 1985. Sri M. Hanumanth Rao (MHR) had to go to Poona.

 He had no reserved accommodation.

The general compartments were fully packed.

People were hanging on the foot boards also.

With Sai on his lips and hope in his soul, he was pacing up and down the platform looking for some space anywhere.

Just then a tall bearded Muslim from a reserved compartment signaled to him to get in.

He meekly got in.

The old man ordered him to sit on the floor.

He obediently did.

A few minutes later when the train started leaving, the old man rose from his seat, smiled at him, and got down the train.

Later when the Ticket Examiner (TE) came, he (MHR) produced his unreserved ticket.

The TE looked at the ticket and then at him.

Something happened in his mind.

Adorning a smiling face, he lifted him by his arms and put him on the empty seat vacated by the old man and later collected the berth charges.

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