My husband was not happy in his profession started looking for other jobs.

Sai Baba miracle-Indira

I never knew Him before 1975. Around that time I was in my 10th class and while chatting with a friend (her name is “Sai” too) I first heard about Shirdi and Sri Sai Baba.

They were telling about their visit to Shirdi. I just liked the name ‘Sai’ then it sounded so sweet and simple.

After that I thought I also should visit Shirdi and Him one day.

Later on I got busy in life and forgot about Him for 16 years (busy with my father’s transfers, college, Marriage and children).

But in all these years I keep hearing His name from somewhere or the other.

My desire of seeing Sai was never expressed out. Occasionally when I hear the name Shirdi I used to think one day I should go and see what so great about that place.

Baba knows that I wanted to come to Him but don’t know how.

I never had a chance to suggest to anybody that we go to Shirdi.

I heard people saying He will call us to Him.

I believe this is one of his miracles that they say He performs with out your knowledge.

Just like that, just to fulfill my unexpressed wish to visit Shirdi and him at least once.

In 1991 my husband was not happy in his profession started looking for other jobs.

Baba decided its time I come and see Him every week and not just once in my life by giving and gave my husband good position for my husband with a reputed concern in Aurangabad.

We went to Aurangabad in 1991 and for one and half years we used to go to Shirdi almost every Sunday.

This I believe is one of His blessings to me.

Of all the places in the country why would he give a better job to my husband only in Aurangabad?

If not to give life to my wish that was buried in my subconscious mind for 16 years?

OM, Namo Sai


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