Baba made all the arrangements of my daughter’s marriage

Baba made all the arrangements of my daughter’s marriage

Knowing about Baba by my aunt, I started worshiping Baba in 1990.

Earlier I used to shout at her for worshiping Baba. One day I shouted my aunt for the same.

The same day night, Baba appeared in my dream. The dream continues like this…” some people were walking on fire, doing Bhajans, seeing this;

My Body was shaking like Goddess entered me. My relatives tied me with a rope and pushed me where the persons were walking on the fire.

Then the persons took me along with them in a car and threw me in a bhajan mandap.

Then the people who were there in Bhajan mandap suggested them to pour turmeric water on me.

 Immediately Baba appeared like he was blessing me. Then I woke up from my dream.

The morning was really  a great morning for me. I offered Baba a coconut, telling “Baba, I won’t blame you again”.

I touched HIS holy feet. From then on wards, all of my family members are worshiping Baba. How can I express how many times Baba helped us.

I am feeling happy to share my experiences through Sadguru Leela Magazne.

In 1991 , on 21st May, my health was completely damaged.

We consulted a specialist doctor in kavali.

He tested me and told that I would survive only the next 24 hour as my loungs were having holes and it was too late to come to hospital.

Trying to go to Madras for the treatment, I appealed Baba,” I will come to Shiridi If my health is cured”.

The hospital expenditure was 50,000. Now my health is alright because of Baba’s blessings.

Before 1990, I was having only half acre field. I sold it and purchased two acres field at another place..

Again I purchase one acre field in 97, 3 acres field in 99 and one acre field in 2000.

 I believe that i could purchased this much field only because I trusted Baba.

All of my family members are feeling happy from the day we believe in Baba.

We started looking matches for my daughter. I asked Baba’s help in this issue also.

Then Baba asked me to come Shiridi once. In 2007, after Vijayadashami festival i went to Shiridi. In 2008,

I approached a guy , whom I felt suitable for my daughter.

But he refused to marry my daughter. I felt disappointed and shared my grief with Baba.

Baba told ,” marriage will be held surely though some small obstacles come..

Do chant my name”. I followed Baba’s words and asked the guy once again but in vain.

However I continued praying Baba. In few days, the guy who refused two times met me and spoke the things related the marriage.

 He himself approached a pandith to make him fix the muhurtham time for marriage.

There were no boundaries to my surprise and happiness when I heard the date of marriage from the boy.

I felt it is completely Baba’s blessings and  I made the arrangements for marriage.. Baba made all the arrangements of my daughter’s marriage.

After the marriage, all my family ,including my daughter and son in law went to Shiridi and had darshan of Baba.

While returning , I met the Editor of Sadguru Leela Magazine in the train. When he asked about my experienes with Baba, I shared the above experiences of mine. 

 I bow to the holy feet of Baba, which have been saving me and my family 

Any miracles please send :

 Sai Baba…Sai Baba…Sai Baba

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