Why would baba need money when is a Saint

“Why would baba need money when is a Saint”

Om Sri Sai Naathayanamaha…..

Why did baba scold people and why did baba asked for money/dakshin??

During 1908 There lived a judge called Sri Govindh Vasudev Kaanitkar. He visited Kopargaav on official work. During his visit his collegues explained about Saibaba miracles grace and love towards devottees.

Kaanitkar family has decided to visit Shirdi the next day. His wife Kaasibai heard that baba will take money from devotees to use them for buying bamboo sticks for Dhun. So she gave her children coins.

After reaching Shirdi Kaanitkar his wife his sister and his 6 children went to dwarakamai. They laid on baba feet and offered coins to him.

After the baba darshan they to rest at the loding place.

Alternate days they slept in loding and baba chaavadi. They had a talk with Mahalspathi and Yovo during their stay in Chavadi.

At that time Mahaalspathi gave some tobacco to baba. Both of them consumed tobacco. When Mahaalspathi went to bring more tobacco, the lid of the tobacco went missing. Baba got angry and he started scolding.

Kaanitkar felt embaressed and he sent away his family to stay at loding place. Later kaanitkar will ask his collegues about baba scolding in front of women which is very difficult to hear.

Then his collegues explained that Baba / Saints won’t have difference between good and bad. They are way far beyond all expressions. They will have nirmal dhyan feeling.

But kaanitkar won’t agree to his collegues explanation. He says if baba gives back the dakshin/ coins he has taken from them on arrival day, then he will belive baba.

Kaanitkar has an habit of reading books about baba saints etc. With that positive feeling he developed so much respect towards baba.

But he did not understand why is baba taking money from people??

Next day when everyone went to have baba darshan before leaving, baba gave back the dakshin to them all. Kaasobai with so much disappointment will ask baba why was he giving back money. Then baba replied “Why is baba taking money from everyone”??

As they could not reply anything to baba she returned back and placed the baba returned coins in her pooja mandir. She became strong devotee of baba after her shirdi visit.

What did we learn from above miracle?

  1. We should not question or judge the works done by baba / sadgurus
  2. Baba is everything and he has everything.  He won’t expect anything from people.
  3. Whatever money we give to baba as dakshin, it was previously given to us by baba only. So we should not have the arrogance that money belongs to us.
  4. Baba is asking dakshin to remove our arrogance only.
  5. If baba take one coin or little from us.. he will give 10 times more worth in return.


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