when we entered the ‘Locker Room’, to our dismay, we found that the packet of jewellery was not there.

“TRUST IN ME, AND YOUR PRAYERS SHALL BE ANSWERED”. Numerous Sai-devotees have benefited by his kindness.

A few days ago, my wife and I went to our bank in Delhi for withdrawing some jewellery items from our locker for use by our daughter-in-law on the eve of a marriage in the family.

After the function was over, the jewellery was again to be deposited in our locker for safe custody.

On account of certain unavoidable circumstances, it took us about a fortnight before we could go back to the bank.

In the meanwhile, we made a packet of the precious articles very carefully and placed it in a briefcase.

When we finally got time to go to the bank for this purpose, we took the briefcase and in order to avoid risk, travelled all the way to the bank (about 35 kms away from our Noida residence) in an autorickshaw instead of usually a bus.

After completing bank formalities, when we entered the ‘Locker Room’, to our dismay, we found that the packet of jewellery was not there.

We tried to recollect but could not find any reason as to why it was missing from there.

Eventually we returned home and searched for it everywhere we could think of but in vain.

The same evening we went to Baba’s temple and silently prayed to him to come to our help.

This was followed by regular prayers, morning and evening, for the next one week or so.

It was a disgusting time for us because, on one side we had suffered a big financial loss and on the other, we had to bear the criticism of our children for “gross negligence” on our part.

One day, on our return from the temple in the morning, we found that our pet dog had completely spoiled our double bedding with his loose stools and vomitting.

it was rather strange because for the last five years our dog had never jumped on to our bed especially during our absence.

However, this required complete replacement of the bedsheets including the matresses.

In the process, we spotted the jewellery packet lying with the wastepapers on the double bed and on opening, everything was found in-tact.

How it came to be there, the circumstances which forced us to remove the beddings and its recovery beneath, still remains a mystery.

It was, of course certainly a quick answer to our prayers to Baba.


Communion with Shirdi Sai Baba results in the removal of ignorance and thus ensures happiness and peace.

“Sri Sai Baba is the master of existence, the Sat Guru, the bosom of bliss, the ocean of peace, the store house of power, the revealer of truth, the master being sporting the.

hearts of all beings, move able and imnovable, Take refuge in his oceanic compassion and be at perfect ease, leading a carefree life.

‘Remember the words of Sai who scattered the bread of Grace even to the poor, the wretched, the lowliest and the los.

Why should you fear, when I am here,

Cast all your burdens upon me, and

I Shall bear them

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