my surgery was successful and the retina problem was rectified

I am t v madhavi from bhubaneshwar. I would like to share an incident with all the Sai Baba devotees here.

Few weeks back I was preparing for navaguruvara vrat on a Thursday, suddenly I noticed something strange on Sai Baba idol, there was dust accumulated in the eyes of Sai Baba idol which was strange, as the idol was kept always in an enclosed area at one side of the hall at my residence, anyhow I have to proceed with the pooja, I tried cleaning the eyes of Sai Baba idol which to my wonder wasn’t getting cleaned when I tried with my fingers or cloth or washing.

Finally I took an agarbatti stick to clean the eyes and it got cleaned. I feared about this incident reflecting any bad omen to anyone of my family.

My husband had an appointment with an eye specialist before he leaves to silchar for work, when we both went to the eye specialist, the doctor advised me to have a normal check up of eyes and I readily agreed.

 After my husband’s check up was done and he was declared fine I went next to the doctor and to his surprise I had a major cracks on my retina.

Doctor wondered and asked me about any symptoms of vision in the recent past and I replied in denial.

After throroughly examining my eyes doctor advised me to go for a laser surgery immediately otherwise I may lose vision because of retina crackdown.

 Doctor said you are very lucky to have done this check up now and getting diagnosed with that problem otherwise it might have lead to serious vision loss.

 I asked my husband to postpone his trip for few days and insisted him to stay with me till my surgery is done successfully.

After few days my surgery was successful and the retina problem was rectified.

 Now I realized about that incident happening with the Sai Baba idol at my home on that day, it was the leela of Sai Baba indicating a problem approaching  me , because it wasn’t necessary to have a normal eye check up when the actual purpose for the doctor visit was for my husband. It was Sai Baba who made doctor suggest me to have a normal eye check up and get diagnosed with that problem and get it rectified.

This leela in many forms has happened with many people in the past which we might have read in satcharithra books.

After reading this leela one can realize that if you are devoted to Sai Baba and surrender to him he will always protect you as your child like a mother.

As you all know that I T V MADHAVI from bhubaneshwar  have been working to provide Sai Baba leela’s from all the devotees who I  know for this blog to spread the love care and devotion towards satchidananda sadguru Sai Baba as a devotee feels blessed to have got this opportunity and I would like to inform that I am going to take a break from this forum for a brief period because of some health issues and thank everyone for their love and support towards my leela’s of Sai Baba.

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