My family consists presently of self, wife and a daughter, who had come for delivery. She delivered a female, lovely and sharp child on 29-12-1979. We were all very happy,

Being the first grand-daughter in my family. However this happiness did not last for a long time. After 15 days of the delivery, all of a sudden my daughter’s breast milk was stopped.

We were afraid and started feed in; the child externally which was upsetting the child’s health. The child’s condition was deteriorating day by day. Doctor’s treatment was on. for both the child and the mother.

The mother however did not get breast milk at all till 30-1-1980. We were afraid that anything may happen at any time.

But I had my own belief in BABA and therefore I used to request him during my prayer, “BABA If I have served you sincerely and affectionately,

My daughter must go back to her husband’s house, along with her child. If she goes back barehanded, your name only will be spoiled. 1 have got nothing to do with that”.

 On 30-1-80, the child’s condition was very serious and hopeless. Exactly at mid-night, I went away for night duty. Only my wife and the daughter were at home.

At about 2.20 A. M. due to seriousness of the case, the child simply stretched her hands and legs, and was lying dead on the lap of my wife.

My wife was helpless. She cried out loudly and called the neighbors and within 15 minutes, 6 to 8 members came and saw that the child was breathless.

Everybody confirmed that the child was dead. But my wife was confident that nothing will happen to the child so long as BABA is there to protect the child.

She took the child in her hands and stood before BABA’s photo and said, “Oh ! Lord of Lords, what have you done this? Is this the repayment that you have done to us, for serving you sincerely and affectionately ? If you do not come and save this child, then who else can do it? Take it from me that if this child is not saved by you now,

I will confirm that you are powerless; I will throw your photo outside and will never utter your name from this mouth” After uttering these words, she was gazing at the photo. At this grave stage, all were very anxious and were looking at BABA’S photo.

The miracle was that the unbolted front door, which was closed by the neighbors of my house, was forcibly opened by somebody at that dead part of the night i. e. at about 2-00 hours in the morning On hearing the rattling of the door, all the persons, who were concentrating their eyes on BABA’S photo, turned and looked at the door; but they found none at the door.

By the time, they turned their eyes back to Baba’s photo, the child’, which appeared to be dead for more than 10 minutes, started crying and opened her eyes, pulled out her legs and hands and started respirating. Everybody was astonished and stunned at this miracle.

My wife and daughter were very glad and fell at the feel of Baba and begged to pardon them, for the hard words uttered to Baba, In Ignorance without knowing his power.

Further my wife told the neighbors around her that her husband frequently used to repeat Baba’s name at home and at the mandir and not to underestimate BABA at any stage. He has given a commandment, “Such of my devotees, who believe and surrender themselves  fully at my feet, even if they are thousands of miles away from me and even if they are in the jaws of death,

I will pull them out of its jaws and protect them”. This has come to be true in my house on 30-1-1980. This is how Baba protects his sincere devotees even after Samadhi,

My wife and daughter were lucky to see Baba’s power and miracle personally and the same may be conveyed to other ‘Sai’ devotees through Sai Leela, which will enrich the Sai devotion in them.

M. Bhide,

Wireless Operator (Railways)

Hubli-20 (Karnatak)

(Source Shri Sai Leela July 1980)

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