Our first visit to Shirdi was long back in 1960 and thereafter we became more attached to the Satya Sai form.

Shirdi Sai Baba had said that He will take the human from eight years after Samadhi and this was enough reason to draw us to Puttaparthi more and more, although with strong doubts in our searching mind to check if it could be true. In later years Shri Baba cleared our doubts by several experiences.

That apart, Shirdi Sat Baba had decided to call us again and so it happened that in June 1976-full 16 years after the 1st visit-the call came. When it comes, it is irresistible.

I was working as a senior officer in a Government corporation. In the third week of June 1976, my Managing Director called me and told that I will have to work under a person, who will be brought in from outside, because the Minister wanted it to be done.

I had built up my department from its infancy and now it was flourishing. There was no reason to ask me to work under a new person, (bear no personal grudge against him) whose experience in my line was quite limited.

I felt humiliated in the new set up; but could I resign? Who will risk a good and hard earned job at the age nearing retirement? So I had to yield.

From 1st July i.e. 10 days after, I was to work under the new officer and take his orders. Hence 1 was extremely depressed.

I had always prayed to Shri Baba under such situations and now due to this calamity, I prayed to Bhagwan Shri Baba and told in our pooja room that I surrender to Him completely and He may guide me correctly.

On 20th or 21st June, we. at home, were discussing the calamity that had come over me. My wife and son casually mentioned that we could join a couple of holidays to the weekend and go out of Bombay for a change.

A friend of mine also invited us to stay with him. From Nasik, Shridi is not far off. We all had a strong urge to go to Shirdi, Soon we were on our way to the great abode of Lord Shiva,

who had appeared in human form at Shirdi. His Samadhi beckoned us to come to Him.

At Shirdi many changes had taken place since. our last visit. New buildings for the sadhakas, cemented compound, clean and comfortable flowering plants and trees; but the Samadhi Mandir and the Chawdi and other spots associated with the Shirdi awatar were the same with the glory of the past.

We performed pooja, abhisnek and Shri Satyanarayan Pooja and i hereafter I had a strong urge to sit alone by the side of the Samadhi.

There I prayed to Baba with all my heart and sincerity that He should remove me from that position of humiliation in my office by either a promotion or sending me anywhere else. I prayed as never before in my life because my ego was badly hurt all I am an ordinary sadhatca.

I may read and talk about Niskaman Karma but here I was selfish and wanted Shri Baba to help me in my mundane career

Has He not said? “My bones in my tomb will give you confidence. Not only Myself but My tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those, who would surrender themselves wholeheartedly to me.” (Chapter 25, Sai Satcharita, 8th Edition, 1978).

Now please read the miracle that followed. I returned to Bombay and attend my office. Early morning, my Chairman talked to me on the intercom and said that I should see him immediately.

I thought that I might have committed some mistake and was expecting a firing. When I saw him he said. “You have to go to Delhi today itself. Get an air ticket and pack up. I was completely surprised and taken aback.

He further told me/ that I wait going on a transfer to Delhi on promotion. He would not give me time to talk over the situation even with my Wife and son, who could not leave Bombay. Next morning I was on the flight to Delhi to report and take charge from the General Manager there.

When I collected all the information as to how this happened so fast, I came to know that our Chairman and Mg. Director had been to Delhi during the weekend,

when the General Manager told that he wanted to resign and that he should be relieved before the month end, under any circumstances.

They pleaded with him to reconsider. But he flatly refused giving no reason. My Managing Director had no other alternative but to eat his, words and send me to Delhi on promotion,

Although earlier he wanted me to work in Bombay under a person, who was junior to me in age and experience. Strange are the ways of destiny, which is controlled by Shri Sai Baba. the Avatar of this age!

Everyone in our office was pleasantly surprised at the turn of the events. I was no doubt happy and prayed to Shri Sai Bhagwan in gratefulness,

which I can never forget in my life. At Delhi, I was not only given a promotion, but also a car with a chauffeur, a huge flat in a prestigious locality, and what not

“God tore open the sky and gave it”. So the people in north India say, when God showers his blessings.   At Delhi. I got an opportunity to    meet   and    work  with   the   highest   of Government   officer and   Ministers.   How   could   this   be   possible   without Shri Sai Babas Grace

I have always related this experience to my friends, who do not have faith in Sri Sai. who is God, and I thought our Sai Bhaktas will be happy to read about this miracle. If not, a MIRACLE, what can I call it? Mirdad, the great philosopher has   written.   “Nothing   is a   miracle  to   Holy   Understanding, which  is, O Monks” The only  miracle.

It was Shri Sai Bhagwan’s grace on a humble devotee, who has surrendered unconditionally and who prayed at the Samadhi Mandir even at times fighting with Him, to grant the boon, which He did.

He may have left His body; but He is eternally present there and everywhere. We have to only call on Him and He has assured, “If you take one step towards me, I shall lake ten steps towards you?’

The purpose of relating this experience at length is to convince those, who are still in doubt, that if we pray with a clean heart at the Samadhi. Mandir, Shri Sai Baba must give us the boon 100%. There is no doubt about it. If anyone goes to Shirdi and prays at the Samadhi Mandir, his sincere prayer will be rewarded without doubt and immediately.

P.  Udyawer

Bombay 400004

 (Source Shri Sai Leela September 1980)

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