Devotee Long dreams fulfilled by Baba

Aum Sai ram,

My friend’s son had applied for a job overseas one year back.

All interviews were over but he was not confident about the prospects of his getting the job. He waited almost for a year. In May 2015

He met me and asked me to pray for him. Baba clearly indicated that he will get his call letter once he is back from Shirdi. In June 2016,

Baba had guided me to take devotees from Chennai to Shirdi. When I told him, his complete family traveled to Shirdi.

When we returned to Chennai, he got a call from his prospective employer and asked for all formalities to be completed.He was told that the call letter has been dispatched and he can confirm his joining date.

We were all so glad to hear about this Leela of Baba. Wherever his devotees are there, he ties a string to their legs and brings them to Shirdi.

Same person, wanted to participate in a musical concert in USA through a very popular band. But his papers were not being sent for VISA processing.

Baba then indicated to me that there is a person who is putting spokes.

So the organizer has to be directly met and accordingly it was done. This person’s long time dream of participating in such a popular concert also was fulfilled by Baba.

Hail to Baba. Why fear when he is there.

A Sunanda

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