Prophecy of Baba comes true

Aum Sai Ram,

The wife of a baba’s devotee was in her 9th month of pregnancy.

I knew them personally. So I used to frequently enquire about the expecting mother’s health and her time of delivery.

The devotee told me that by last week of March she will be sent to her mother’s place for delivery. This was in 2014.

But I was constantly getting a message from Baba that she has to leave for her mother’s home immediately.

I conveyed this message to the devotee. He was not sure what to do. When I insisted, he preponed the tickets by a week and dropped her on a Thursday at her mother’s home.

The very next morning she delivered a baby girl. The delivery was a normal one.

Had Baba not cautioned her the devotee would have had to face the ordeal of his wife going into sudden labour  and when he was not prepared and no one to Help.

Dear Sai Bandhus,

pl be watchful for Sai’s messages.

We have a God incarnate in our lives. Let us surrender at his lotus feet and be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Jai jai Sai

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A Sunanda Sai 

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