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"Why would baba need money when is a Saint" Om Sri Sai Naathayanamaha..... Why did baba scold people and why did baba asked for money/dakshin?? During 1908 There lived a judge called Sri Govindh Vasudev Kaanitkar. He visited Kopargaav on official work.
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Jai SairamI am Uma from Banglore. I am now reminded of a wonderful miracle of Sai by his grace. I was having some health problem and finally after scanning I was diagnosed with fibroid, which made us worried and the doctor wanted to send it for biopsy.
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  Sai Ram. My name is T.L. Radha. I am  from Hyderabad  . I came to know about through my younger sister Madhavi. Bhubaneshwar. I want to share my experience with you. In 2006 my son  was not well.His kidney was damaged and he was  und
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 "Baba With Grace and Blessings Has Blessed A Blind Man With Eyesight"  Pranams to all Sai Devotees- During 1913 & 1915 Swamy Saran Anand ji saw a blind man singing bhajans and hari naam jap by using hand music instruments. Later after many years Sw
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I am a staunch devotee of Baba. Before marriage i was working as Central Government Employee. After marriage I resigned for job and left abroad. After 2.5 yrs of marriage and having baby my husband sent me away from home. I faced 1.5yrs of domestic har
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Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba   Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogiraja Prabrahma Sri Satchidananda SadGuru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai   My Name is G. Vijaya Laxmi, fr
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  Knowing about Baba by my aunt, I started worshiping Baba in 1990.   Earlier I used to shout at her for worshiping Baba. One day I shouted my aunt for the same.   The same day night, Baba appeared in my dream. The dream continues like this..." some p
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Jai Sairam, I am very very fortunate to have Sai in my life. Sai is joy of my life.   We can't concentrate on Sai if our mind is disturbed and there is no peace of mind.   I always get some instructions in the form of messages and Nector of day ( da
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I am t v madhavi from bhubaneshwar. I would like to share an incident with all the Sai Baba devotees here.  Few weeks back I was preparing for navaguruvara vrat on a Thursday, suddenly I noticed something strange on Sai Baba idol, there was dust accumulat
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I am Krishnaveni Madhavi's elder sister. I came to know about SaiBaba through my parents. I read Sai Sacharitra and visited Shirdi many times.I always felt his presence during difficult times. I would like to share my recent experience with you all. I
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