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Baba With Grace and Blessings Has Blessed A Blind Man With Eyesight

 "Baba With Grace and Blessings Has Blessed A Blind Man With Eyesight"

 Pranams to all Sai Devotees-

During 1913 & 1915 Swamy Saran Anand ji saw a blind man singing bhajans and hari naam jap by using hand music instruments.

Later after many years Swamy ji saw the same blind man reading and reciting Sri Bhagawad Geeta and Dhyaneswar Chapters / Slokas.

To his surprise Swamy ji asked that man that When did he get his eye sight ??

The man replied that with Sai Baba grace and wonderful blessings he got his vision and he is now able to see read write everything , travel everywhere without any hurdles.

To make Swamyji trust his words the man read more chapters from anubhav and proved that he can see everything. 

The man is using his blessed vision for spiritual readings and sai work.


Sri Sainath Maharaaj Ki Jai !!

Any miracles please send :

 Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba    

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