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Sai's miracle which cured me without going through any procedure

Jai Sairam

I am Uma from Banglore. I am now reminded of a wonderful miracle of Sai by his grace.

I was having some health problem and finally after scanning I was diagnosed with fibroid, which made us worried and the doctor wanted to send it for biopsy.

We were very much tensed and went through the procedure and prayed to our beloved Sai for the protection.

I also started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. We got the results that there is no need to worry and everything is alright. But all of them and doctor also suggested to go through the procedure for removal of the fibroid which is better to be safe.

But we were in the hassle of relocation to India from U.S and I didn't go through the procedure.

I just finished Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and then when after a year or so when I went for scanning and test in India, the doctor told that there is no fibroid at all and no need of any procedure.

I was stunned to know that and this is wonder of wonders and miracle of Sai blessed me with mercy.

We can only always remember his holy feet which are our sole refuge and pray to him with devotion and love for his wonderful grace showered on us always.

I am grateful to Sai with my humble prostrations for showering his mercy on me as always. With faith and patience to Sai, we can get his blessings always..

We can experience the miracles too.

Jai Sairam


Any miracles please send :


 Sai Baba...Sai Baba...Sai Baba 

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