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I am Kishore babu Kondaveeti, had a great experience of Sai Baba while I was pursuing MS in Pune. One day I went to my home for asking the money to register this website. I asked my father for money at that time he had only 5000. But when I asked my fa
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My experience with sai and sai master. Sri sai baba and sri sai master played a very important role in my life in the year 2014, they saved me from the death bed and proved their love towards the people who trust them will never be left alone. Sai baba th
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 My daughter got sick with urine bladder infection last year.  She doesn't believe in god.     After taking medicine also she is still suffering with infection.    So one day without telling her I gave vibhudi water.     She took only one sip.  Then
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Aum Sai ram,   This mail is being sent on behalf of my sister who has shared her experience here. Only through this leela, our family became ardent sai devotees thereafter.   I am Anuradha. S, Aged 56 residing at Chennai. Before I begin, my humble pros
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Dr.Narasinha Kamath Shirdi Sai Baba saves my and my wife's life on Long Island Expressway in New York :This event happened a few years ago. I and my wife along with my mother-in-law were returning back home in Flushing from a Konkani Diwali Function in Ne
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Well known Sai Personality from Pune, Maharashtra (holder of holy Padukas given by Shri Sai Baba to Sai Mahabhakta Late Shri.Raikar) Dr.Zaveri breathed his last on Saturday, 1st October 2016 due to Chikungunya. Born on 12th Dec`1934, Dr.Zaveri leaves behin
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My family consists presently of self, wife and a daughter, who had come for delivery. She delivered a female, lovely and sharp child on 29-12-1979. We were all very happy, being the first grand-daughter in my family. However this happiness did not last for
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  Shri Hanumanth Rao is a old devotee, aged around 94 years of age. He was one of the pioneer devotees of Hyderabad, who did prachar of Sai Baba. He used to regularly have Sai Satsangs and Bhajans in his house. Smt Mani Amma who translated the Sai Satchari
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I never knew Him before 1975. Around that time I was in my 10th class and while chatting with a friend (her name is "Sai" too) I first heard about Shirdi and Sri Sai Baba. They were telling about their visit to Shirdi. I just liked the name 'Sai' then it s
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After I retired in 1973, I reverted to Sri Sai's work, the whole day being at ray disposal to serve, think and feel about Sri Sai. I did not think of taking up a job as my attempts immediately after retirement did not succeed. I thought it was Sri Sai's wi
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