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     OM SAI RAM   I am Damodara from Bhubaneswar (Odisha). I visited Junagadh (Gujurat) during 2006 on official work. But as there was no direct flight from Bhubaneswar, I got down at Mumbai for the next flight on next day. At Mumbai, I stayed with my
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Sairam,   I am Hari Kiran Gudapati friend of Madhavi from Bhubaneshwar,  and proud to be a part of Sai's family.                        Today , I would like to share one of many unbelievable experiences of Sai  to me. Why these are important to me is
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   Om Sai Ram   During 2004, after morning darshan at Shirdi I went to a hall near to Samadhi Mandir for Sai Satyanarayan Puja . But as the hall was not opened I sat on a chair near the entrance and prayed Baba silently chanting  the mantra “Om Sai Namo
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                                                                     OM SAI RAM                I am T V MADHAVI from bhubaneshwar. I want to share a recent experience of my shirdi trip to all the Sai Baba devotees here. On july 1st me and my husband went
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Jai Sairam,    I usually do fasting on the last day of Subramanya swami shasti that comes yearly. It starts after the day of deepavali and ends on shasti day ,   when the God subramanya kills demon and it is celebrated in temple in Ulsoor ( Banglore)
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Om Sai Ram.   As usual, I was talking to Baba, he gave me the message that you are going to meet your favorite God. As I know though, these words might not happen immediately, but because Baba had said them, it will happen. But the question to me is
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Om Sai Ram.   It was from 2015 November season.  On the advice of Sai Baba, I am  strongly desired to finish Guru Charitra, as reading on Google is quite difficult to me, also could not find good book in my language. So ,I prayed to Baba, and I found th
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  Sai Ram  I am Friend of Madhavi Amma in Bhuvaneshwar. With Sai's grace and blessings I can also share sai leelas .  I am Uma here in Banglore now. I was born and bought up in chennai . I was very fortunate that Sai Baba came into my life as my Sadgur
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 "Baba With Grace and Blessings Has Blessed A Blind Man With Eyesight"  Pranams to all Sai Devotees- During 1913 & 1915 Swamy Saran Anand ji saw a blind man singing bhajans and hari naam jap by using hand music instruments. Later after many years Sw
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  Om Sai Ram.     One night I dreamt Baba coming to my house, walking in mid Sun From long distance.. Within mins he was  near my home Little surprised..for the speed of Baba [9:00 AM, 8/2/2017].He was waiting in front of my house.   I ran to him and
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