Sai Baba..Sai Baba

Baba's words are imbued with beautiful and in-depth meaning. To look at Baba does not mean to look to Baba with mere physical eyes. 'Look' is, however, referred to by Baba as related to the eye of wisdom within oneself. 

There lived two friends. One of them had faith and devotion for Baba. Another one was an atheist. Baba's devotee used to go to a temple everyday and have the darshan of the deity. One day, while he was going to the temple, a friend met him and together they went to the temple. The atheist friend stayed outside the temple and Baba's devotee went inside the temple. When the devotee friend came out from the temple, after the darshan of the deity, he was stung by a scorpion and suffered from acute pain. The friend who waited outside the temple found a rupee coin. Both spoke to each other of their respective experiences. The devotee friend told a saint, whom they came across, about how he was stung by a scorpion though he was a trusted devotee of Baba. The saint explained to him that the merciful Baba averted a major risk to his life by making him merely suffer from the sting of a scorpion, while his atheist-friend, just got a rupee instead of a huge sum. Baba showered His grace on the devotee as he constantly remembered Baba. As one's faith is, so shall be the resultant effects. Let us look to Baba in loving faith.

Sai Baba...Sai Baba

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