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Dear Sai Bandhus,

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Actually I planned the trip with very tight schedule and had booked 2 online darshan on at 8.45 and other at 9.45.

20th May morning I was supposed to reach Shirdi by 7 or 7.30 but reached at 8.30.

I was tensed and worried I was thinking if I will be able to get both the darshans or not.

I had received lot of prayer requests and few wedding cards. I wanted them to be placed at Baba’s Lotus feet.

Since we are not sure which line we would be going I had booked 2 dardhans so that at least one time I can go from the side and request priest to keep the envelope (which had prayer requests and wedding cards) at Baba’s Lotus feet.

I was really worried if things will work as planned as I reached late.

While I was thinking this I saw below message in one of the group

Whatever questions and doubts are running in your mind and which is troubling you, you have nothing to do with that..It is all play of God..He only raise the questions and doubts in devotee’s mind and he himself make calm devotee’s mind…Sai Baba

After seeing the message I left everything to Baba and went for darshan at around 9 and as I wished I was in the side line and I gave the envelope to priest.

Priest kept it at Baba’s Lotus feet and returned the envelope with 2 rose.

I requested priest to keep the envelope at Baba’s feet itself and priest keep it at Baba’s Lotus feet.

I was so happy, second time darshan I wanted to join the line which will take to middle of Samadhi Mandir. That wish of mine was also fulfilled by Baba. Had very good darshan.

Return bus was at 1pm. I also wanted to visit Kandhoba temple but was getting late for the bus. I reached pick point by 12.50 but bus didn’t come till 1.10.

I called the driver and he said he will be bit late.

All Baba’s grace he made the bus to be late and full filled my wish to visit Khandoba temple.

I pray Baba to fulfill the wishes of all the devotees who sent their prayer requests

And today morning guess what by the time I reached home Baba had already come home to be with me. I saw 2 beautiful idols were bought to home.


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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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