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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice By: Sai Sujatha

G.S.Khaparde 1912 March 12 Tuesday Shirdi

We saw Sayin Maharaj go out. I went to see him after he returned to the Masjid. As I sat down Sayin Saheb said “People are very ignorant. When they do not see my physical body they think I am absent.”

He then said that he thought of Pimpalgaon this morning then met four men from it &they followed him to the Masjid. The conversation somehow turned to tokens connected with weddings & Sayin Saheb pointing to the new wall that is being built said that there used to be a passage there & a nim tree.

An old man sat there & he was very pious. He had come from Jalna & did not care to return for over twelve years though his brother & family suffered very much during his absence.

At last he was prevailed upon to return. He did so on horse-back & Sayin Saheb accompanied him in a cart.  Arrived at Jalna, the old man stayed with his wife & four grown up sons that he had, & then suddenly decided to marry the daughter of his brother.

The wedding took place, though everyone laughed it to scorn. The bride was very young. At last she grew up, & the old man had a son by her. Then the old man died when his son grew to six years of age.

The boy was poisoned by Biradars. The young widow & bereaved mother spent a chaste life, never remarried & eventually died.

The boy was born again as Babu & died and is now born again in Bombay. Such is the artistic work of God.


G.S.Khaparde 1912 March 13 Wednesday Shiradi

We saw Sayin Maharaj go out and saw him later at the Masjid.

He told a long story which in substance was that an old Patil used to visit him, that four and afterwards as many as twelve Govindas (detectives)used to watch him that the old man & the Govindas had hard words, and once had a had a serious scuffle.

Sayin Saheb favoured the old man, visited him in his field & on one occasion hit the Govindas when they attacked him.

At last the old man was moved to a large town for being dealt with, that Sayin Saheb intervened & got him released.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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