Staunch Devotee of Baba—Sunanda

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Om Sai Ram,

Pranams to all Sai bandhus across the globe,

I am Sunanda from Chennai, India. I have gone through a memorable experience of writing a book on Sai Baba, totally by his guidance.

The book is named as “Shri Sai Sharanagathi”.  Baba planted the idea of penning a book based on Shri Sai Satcharita ( a holy book for all Sai devotees) and thereafter guided me gracefully in completing the book.

The book was published at Chennai in a temple of Sai at his holy feet on the 9th of July 2017 , being the Guru Poornima.  It has been written in English.

If Baba desires , it can be brought out in other languages as well.

Let me share my experience on how this book happened. It was the forenoon of December 15th 2015. I was attending to my domestic chores when I heard a distinct voice asking me to write a book .

I was unsure if it was a real calling or my imagination because I have no experience in writing. I am a motivational speaker but did not find myself competent to write a book and that too on Sai Baba.

I was repeatedly getting this message throughout the day. I disbelieved and planned to take a short holiday to my son’s home at Bangalore.

I am a psychologist by profession and in the last decade associated myself with several Sai Devotees and this for sure was Baba’s grace.

So when some of the devotees came to know that I was in Bangalore, they planned to meet me as we never met before. They came and during our discussion,

They mentioned the name of Sri Harikrishna Petwal Ji and wanted me to talk to him. He was in Uttarakhand.

He began to speak to me and his first sentence (which was in Hindi) was “ When you have been asked to write a book, you should write.

Why doubt Sai?” I became speechless and wondered how did Sri Petwal ji come to know of my calling to write a book. It was a moment never to be forgotten.

I packed my bags and returned to Chennai. Now I got serious with Baba’s message and surrendered to Baba saying “ If you want me to write a book,

You will be guiding and actually writing. I am a mere tool he is using, just as he made Hemadpant write Shri Sai Satcharita.

After I made a sankalpa and sought Sai’s grace and guidance, writing became possible.

The basis of the book was Shri Sai Satcharita which was clearly indicated to me in my prayers.

I invoked Baba through my prayers and asked him how different is this book going to be from the other material that is already available? To this He  said, after every chapter, a review session will appear and that will comprise of questions and answers covering that chapter with additional related input.

That’s how the book got designed and it took me 15 months to complete the book. Baba guided me to have the book published and released on the 9th of July 2017, the Guru Poornima.

I felt completely blessed and am ever grateful to Sai ma for using me to accomplish this task.

During the process of writing, I noticed that people who came to meet me, gifted me books on Sai and I had more information to share with the devotees.

Answers to many nagging questions in my mind got resolved through this book. For eg. Why Baba used to visit Chavadi on alternate days? How and why did this happen?

Why baba chose Vijayadashami for his Seemolanghan? what is the significance of Ashwatha tree? Questions used to occur to me by His grace and answers also were almost prompted by Sai Baba,

the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, Lord. I bow to him with all humility and surrender myself at his divine lotus feet.

I request you all to spare some time to read the book which can be had online from Amazon or I can arrange to send the book.

The cost of the book is Rs.300.00 (rupees three hundred only).

Thank you for sparing your valuable time for reading this experience of mine.

Warm regards and blessings of Sai Baba,


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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba