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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Hari Sitaram Dixit, a well known solicitor of Bombay, was an intimate associate of Sai Baba and he was largely responsible for the establishment of Sai Sansthan and its progress after the mahasamadhi of Baba. He managed the affairs of the Shirdi Sansthan as its honorary Secretary till his death in 1926. He started Sai lila Masik, the monthly organ of Sai Sansthan in which Baba’s devotees recorded their experiences.

H.S.Dixit was very close devotee of Baba. He devoted his whole life for Baba. He resigns from his government service in 1901 and came to spiritual path. In spite of injury in leg, he never compromises his work. He only told Baba:”To cure the lameness of the soul.” Baba took a great interest in Dixit and told him:”I will take my Kaka in vimana”. Sai Baba called dixit as “Kaka”.

Dixit was very close to Baba, Baba made various changes on dixit mind. How to live life and in what way we going to help others.

Baba teaches various lessons to Dixit like you should each and every creature in this earth as equal. Baba told:”God is in me…and God is in you and God is in everything which is created by God.”So, man does not have any permission to kill any creature.

On one occasion Dixit was down with fever. Baba advised him to go his house in Bombay. “The fever will for last four days,” he told him, “but have no fears, it will pass away and you will be all right. Do not allow yourself to be bedridden; you can go on eating sira (semolina pudding) as usual.” In Bombay the doctor who examined him to stay in bed and take the prescribed medicines. But Dixit sat and began eating sira which fever patients usually avoid. His temperature shot up and doctors warned him it would take a serious turn if their advice was not followed. However, to everyone’s surprise Dixit’s condition which went from bed to worse suddenly took a turn for the better and in few days he was his normal self again.

To test him Baba one day directed that a sick goat which was in a pitiable condition and near death should be put out of pain with a knife. While all devotees present excused themselves from executing this task Dixit alone was ready to carry out Baba’s orders. He took the knife and as he was about to kill the goat Baba stopped him and said:” Let the creature remain. I will kill it myself but not at the mosque.” Baba carried the goat a few yards away from the mosque where it died.

Dixit died on an Ekadasi day, considered auspicious, and in the way Baba had predicted for him. He had come to the railway station with his friends for the journey to Bombay where he had met a friend. Although they were late they succeeded in getting on the train as it was also late. Dixit said: “See, how merciful Baba is. He has given us this train this minute. He has not made us wait even for a minute. Baba had made the train come late and enabled us to catch it or else we would have been stranded here.” He said this sitting opposite to his friends and then appeared to fall asleep. Dabolkar, his friend, thought Dixit was sleeping and going near him shook him and asked:”Are you sleeping?” But there was no answer, for Dixit was dead. As Baba promised Dixit had been taking away in virmana to heaven.

SAI Baba words:”You look to me……I look to you…and I will not leave you forever……”

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba