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How Saibaba helped to find the missing Suitcase!

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Om Sairam!

Dear Sai Devotees, I would like to share a recent experience of Sai Baba’s miracle in my life!

I am a sincere Sai devotee from 2008, recently my parents (Mom is 65 Years old & Dad is 70 Years old) travelled to Canada to visit my younger sister as she is conceived and her delivery is due in Oct 2019. My sisters Baby shower function was planned on 25 Aug 2019 and my parents started their travel from Chennai on 21 Aug 2019 (flight route was Chennai to Bombay, Bombay to London then London to Canada) totally 27 hours of travel with lot of transit time.

Sai performed lot of miracles in getting my parents Canada visa, and in their journey to Canada, at this age for the first time they travelled such a long distance with no knowledge on this advanced technology etc. They reached Canada only because Sai travelled with them.

But here I would like to mention only one incident, when my parents started to Canada they had to buy a lot of items for my sisters baby shower and then for the delivery..they had total of 4 check-in luggage’s, were in one of the suitcase they had packed all my sisters baby shower and delivery related items.

My parents checked in all the 4 suitcases in Bombay airport then they reached London and finally when they reached Canada airport and went to collect the luggage correctly the suitcase which had my sister’s item was missing! all our happiness, my parents happiness and my sisters happiness in seeing my parents after 2 years all vanished with this shock…my mom who is also a Sai devotee was totally upset and felt it as some wrong sign as the whole stuff got missed and it was only 2 days for the baby shower function and my sister had to stitch her blouse etc.

My Mom was tensed as to what to tell my sister’s in laws as they are all in Canada for the function. My dad just filed a complaint with the airlines and went home…they straight went to Sai temple and on the way got a call that bag was found so my dad and brother in law went happily to collect the same but unfortunately it was not our bag.. We all had questioned Sai why he has given us such a situation and full of unhappiness..

In the mean time when my mom was unpacking her bag..just like a miracle my sister’s saree and few other items related to the function was found in other suitcase, both my parents were surprised as to how it came there and they were confused if they packed it that way…but it was clearly a Sai miracle…

Sai gave us little happiness and my mom showed the saree to all in laws and all were happy and my sister went to get the blouse stitched. In the meantime myself and my husband and my brother in-law were all tracking the suitcase but no update on the status, we were unable to reach anyone in the airline as the airline went on strike and this was a added burden to our worry.

We lost all hope of getting the suitcase back before the function, I told my sister to arrange for other jewellery to wear for the function as all planned items has gone in the missing suitcase. We had no one to contact and all reviews online about the missing baggage and claiming of the same with this particular airline was worst which increased out fear…

my parents were so upset and they were supposed to attend the function happily and same was with my sister, the bag had to be found as I came to know from my mom that there were few more items of my sister which if lost will be a life time regret, this increased my tension.. Finally I left all ways to track the suitcase and surrendered at Sai’s feet the one who can resolve all our problems, something inside me told me “instead of blaming Sai, surrender to him, he does not do anything without a reason…

I prayed to Sai that if the bag is found and reached my parents safely with all items soon, then I will wakeup 3:30am the very next day when the bag was found and read Sai Savanamanjari and do the same continuously for 5 days.

I did this promise to Sai and then continued daily work and the function went on well as my sister managed all by alternative plans. It was 5th day that bag has gone missing and still no update online,

I prayed to Sai again and then tried to check the status online by pasting the file number, when I tried to pasted the file number..like a miracle the words “With Baba” got pasted…then I removed it and pasted the no. again and checked still no update.

Then again on the 6th day I tried the same and this time like a miracle the words ”On the way” got pasted.. I felt like Baba was giving me the status of the bag..I gained confidence when all my relatives and friends told that bag cannot be located..I purely trusted Sai..something told me sai has the bag and soon he is going to deliver it to us..

On the 6th day as a last try I tried to check the status again and the miracle happened the status changed to “possible match found”..

I told my husband about it and he was also surprised..then the following day my brother in law got a call saying that bag has been found and it will be delivered to them tomorrow..

That tomorrow was a THURSDAY..my parents were waiting eagerly, a car came and a man quickly gave the bag and went away without any questions…he was Sai..Bag finally with all materials intact in it reached my parents and were so happy and thanked Sai, without him this would not have happened.

I thanked Sai and the next following 5 days I woke up at 3:30am and read the Sai Savanamanjari as promised and thanked Sai, again getting up at that time and fulfilling the promise was not done by me but Baba made me do it by giving me all the strength.

So friends never lose trust in Sai as he can change anything in the last minute to help his devotees and fulfill their wishes!

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai!

Ashmila Sadheeshan


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