It is the repetition of the Jamner Episode !

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Sahasra Deepa Seva To Shri Sainath Maharaj Yes ! It is the repetition of the Jamner Episode ! It occurred on 14-11-1982 at 1-25 P. M. at Pune. Shivaji Nagar, Bus stand.

To fulfil a sankalpa of lighting 1008 lamps on Diwali night, I set out to Shirdi by Dadar Express on 13-11-1982 and the train reached Pune the next day late by 2 hours.

The Pune bus stand was overflowing with Diwali passenger crowd and I missed the 9-40 Bus, as the conductor refused to take me seeing my heavy luggage.

The next one to leave by 1. 30 P, M. was also heavily booked and a good Samaritan advised me to go to Shivajinagar bus stand.

It was worse there and the counter clerk said :*’Take your chance when the bus comes”. I came out for coffee and saw a lone taxi there.

When I asked the taxi walla what would be his fare to Shirdi, he said Rs. 450/- which I could rot afford at that juncture.

I quietly repaired back to the stand and was watching the crowd, who were boarding the buses,

some jumping in through the opening above the dickey; the ladies too doing acrobatics to enter the bus anyhow. At 66,

it was impossible for me to do any of those acrobatics, (with three cartons of Panatis, each weighing 7 kgs. as my luggage) to board the bus.

I sat in a corner of the bus stand and started chanting the Taraka Mantra Sai Ram.

The Geetacharya’s advice passed through my mind : “Fix your mind on Me and worship Me devotedly and thou shall reach Me without doubt.

I truly promise to you, for you are dear to Me “.

Believe it or not! at 1, 25 P. M. the taxi walla whom I had met earlier, came to me and said “Chaio Saheb, gadi tayyar hai”.

I was dazed for a second and dumb founded. Oh ! Baba, you as a tongawala took Ramgirbuva from Jalgaon to Jamner to deliver the Udhi to Nanasahab Chandorkar and saved his daughter Mainatai from a crisis; and Thou hast come again to the aid of this fakir.

My .eyes swelled with Ananda Bashpa (tears of joy) The Taxi walla said that he has a passenger upto Nagar .and he is willing to take me to Shirdi for any consideration I like.

The passenger was one Mr. Bhosle of Pune, who had booked the taxi to go to Nagar, with his wife and baby daughter, and was an utter stranger. While travelling, when I asked Mr. Bhosle whether he knew Mr. C. G. Chitamber of Nagar; he replied :

“Oh ! you know Mr Chitamber ? He is my intimate dost.” To my surprise again, he drove straight to Mr. Chitamber’s house at Nagar.

Mr. Chitamber was equally surprised at my sudden appearance in his house with his friend. I had the good fortune to spend at his feet quite a few hours, during the Feb. 82, writers’ convention.

After exchanging Diwali greetings and tea, I took leave of the two great Sayees, and Taxi No. MTF 7817 whizzed off and reached Shirdi on time at 6 P. M.

I made a Sashtanga Namaskar to our Sad guru Sainath Maharaj, The taxiwalla also was delighted to have an unexpected Shirdi Darshan.

The Sahasra Deepas were arranged in rows before the portrait of Sainath in Dwarakamayi, and all around the three sides of the Mandap in front of the Samadhi Mandir.

The children of the neighboring houses and Swamis in Chavadi gave a lending hand to arrange the lamps, And Dwarakamayi was illumined with the twinkling lights from the panatis and Baba glittered and glowed with radiance saining (shining) brightly.

The Sansthan Pujari Shri Digamber remarked; “Bahut achha hai”. Sai Bandhus: I have to mention here that originally I booked my seat to Kopergaon and after a week I cancelled it and booked it to Pune.

All this had happened by His grace to make me bask in the Sai shade in the company of the Chitambers and their friend Mr. Bhosle who, just like Das Ganu Maharaj, had resigned his police job and with Baba’s blessings was now doing service to humanity.

Let me bow to the Sai Bandhus of Tamilnad, Hyderabad, Bombay and Chandigar, who, by their spontaneous response to my appeal, made it possible for me to offer this Sahasra Deepa Seva on this Diwali Day.

May their wishes be granted by Sai Maharaj and may their tribe increase R. S. Ramakrishnan

Madras. 600004 – Source Shri Sai Leela May 1983

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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