do not worry sir, you will be all right soon

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

The first leela I will write about was one that actually happened a long time before I was born.

It involves my father’s father- i.e. my grandfather. He once was very sick and bed-ridden.

He was half-asleep sitting alone in a room in their house when someone he did not know came in.

He walked around the bed on the floor and said “do not worry sir, you will be all right soon.”

then he walked out. There were many other people in the house but no one went into his room at that time.

Everyone was at a loss as to who came in and how he got in without anyone noticing.

It was dismissed as a hallucination. Soon after the mystery man came in my grandfather’s fever abated and he got well.

One day, soon after he recovered, he saw in a shop a picture of the man who came in his room.

He was much surprised and inquired the name of the person in the picture. He was told that it was a great saint who lived in Shirdi. He became a devotee from then on.

The second leela involves my mother. My mother was a staunch devotee of Swami Samartha Maharaj.

Upon coming to America and seeing that pooja of Sai was being performed, she was unconvinced.

She then, after some persuasion, she read Sai’s Pothi. The first story she read was a story regarding that Sai was the same as her Akkalkot Maharaj.

We have been worshipping Sai and Akkalkot Swami’s pictures together ever since. Once, after I got the Pothi,

I attended a dog show because our close friend’s dog graduated from obedience school. 😉

There were “contests” which the newly trained dogs found challenging.

Prizes were given out to the dogs that did the best. My friend’s dog, god bless her! ;-), did absolutely horrible!

She was, in the general opinion of the spectators, the worst dog there. I though that there was no way she will win any prize.

I had to leave halfway through the contest. Suddenly remembering Sai,

I decided to test him because I still was not convinced about his greatness.

I made a mental bow to Sai and said that I would read three chapters of the Satcharita if the dog wins a prize.

When I got home, I received a telephone call from my friend that her dog one third place out of 300+ dogs in spite of the fact that she failed half of the contests! I was astounded! I read the three chapters and was convinced of Sai’s greatness.

Anonymous devotee

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Sai Baba   ...   Sai Baba ...   Sai Baba  ...   Sai  Baba (click here)

Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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