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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

SAIBABA’S GRACE Though I have been hearing regarding the Mahatma of Shirdi, Sri SaiBaba, I had no opportunity, either to visit arty of the Temples or visit Shirdi. It is on the 16th July 87, as I had some work with a Cabinet Minister, I had taken with me the Prominent and wel -known social worker of Karnataka Sri S.R. Chandrasekhar and after we met the Minister, as we were about to return, Mr. S.R. Chandrasekhar, suggested to me that we should visit Sai Baba Temple at Thyagajanagar.

As a marriage alliance was to be talked over for my daughter and they had come from KEVERIPAKAM, Tamilnadu, I was in a hurry to return home.

But I valued the advice and went to SaiBaba Mandir and prayed.

It was a first visit for all of us. There Mr. S.R. Chandrasekhar said

“Baba has blessed you and certainly marriage will click”.

In fact, I was not at all willing but by the time I reached home, my wife and children had spoken to them, it was almost settl­ed. So, I also agreed and this is how Sainath has blessed us. Again on 21st July 87, we went to the same Ministers house and again Mr. S. R, Chandrash’ekhar, suggested that we should go to Baba Mandir.

We all agreed and this time, Deenabandhu Sri. V. R. Naidu, President, All India Sreenivasa Mission, was also with us.

We visited the Mandir, prayed and prostrated before Sainath and when we were about to return, Mr. Seshadri, Chairman of the centre, Secretary & others invited Mr. Naidu, took us round, showed and explained all the activities and also presented books and we were all very happy. .

The same night, myself and my wife Smf, Ayammal, sons altogether 13 persons, travelled from Bangalore lo Kancheepuram in a Karnataka Govt. Bus.

In between Krisrmagiri and Natrampol, there is PARAKUR and it is here a giant lorry dashed against our bus, damaging heavily.

We were all in a shock, but by the grace of God, no Passenger was hurt-Particularly we were all extremely happy, that not even a scratch on us.

I immediately thought of Baba,.who blesseed us at this critical juncture. So I feel,

a true Devotee, will definitely be blessed if he has im­mense faith in Him.

P. Venkataswamy,

Bangalore -21

(Source Shri Sai Leela – December 1988.)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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