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Baba helped and blessed me to start the printing press–Audio

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Baba helped and blessed me to start the printing press:

I first visited shiridi with my parents when I was 13 years old, 38 years ago.

I felt some divine vibrations when I touched the feet of Baba’s samadhi.

I rememberd the words of Baba that ‘ I will still be alive even from my grave’ when i felt those vibrations.

From that moment i surrendered myself to lord Sai.

After few years my school finished and I visited shiridi.

In 1977 ,I went to Shiridi with one of my friend, after completing my university education.

After that I used to visit Shiridi on Dec 31st and Jan 1st on my own as I was able to meditate better. In 1991,

I got married and thereafter my wife used to come with me to Shiridi.

I was fond of printing work since my childhood. So I studied about printing and got a job  at a printing press.

There I learnt printing technology from my friend Ramesh Ganesh.

After learning the technology I planned to have a printing press of my own.

I had an idol Sri Sai baba in front of my bed so that i could see him once i get up.

14th May 2001 my life changed. That day my whole life became one of Sai Baba’s because i dreamt that the idol of Baba in my room showed the dinadarshika (panchamgam).

In that lot of details of future was mentioned.

I was curious to know the objective of the dream and hence i shared and discussed my dream with my friends.

They said  that Baba is indicating to start your own press as it was your childhood dream.

Then I realised it and started my printing press named ‘Sai Nirnay’ and started printing panchangam.

I was worried about a few critical aspects of it and Shri. Somanji Pawar ,about whom i was unaware, came on his own to help me.

He intended to help me to the fullest and drew a cover photo for my book.

To my greatest surprise he drew the same photo that i had seen in my dream.

With Baba’s blessing all arrangements were done and now the real test begun.

Suddenly my mother died. I started the press but faced a lot of difficulties in marketing.

I printed books in marathi, hindi, english and distribute in shops on my own.

I marketed it by taking Baba’s name and seeking his blessings without bothering much about the results.

In 2003,I started printing ‘Sai padayatra ‘. From Vithalvadi in Dadar i used to walk with groups to shiridi which took 8 days.

As a result, lot of people accompanied me to shiridi and sai nirnayam became famous.

The books reached almost every village in Maharastra.

Many of the foreigners also wrote letter to me to send the books to their country.

My business functioned in no profit no loss basis but my faith in Baba increased day by day.

As of now its 10 years it the same no profit no loss.

My faith in Baba became firm which is also a divine wealth.One day or the other I might get some profit with Baba’s blessings,is my hope.

Sarvam sainath arpanam astu

If you believe in Baba ,he will give you the desired result but in the right time

Mahesh Khard

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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