Shirdi Sai Baba is the form all Saints (Baba is Sakala Sadhu Swarupa)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Baba is Sakala Sadhu Swarupa (Baba is All Siants)

Baba appeared as Late Guru Gholap Swami in ochre robes, his own guru to Moolay Shastri, an orthodox Agnihotri who came to meet with Bapusaheb Booty.

Gholap Maharaj had passed away some years before. (Chapter 12) (Baba had stated He was going to wear ochre that day!)

Baba asked Ruttonji Shapurji Wadia Rs. 5 as dakshina. He then told Ruttonji that he has already received Rs 3-14 annas and He should be paid the rest.

(Chapter 14)(Ruttonji spent Rs 3-14 on Mouli Saheb, a saint in Nanded. Baba identified himself with Mouli Saheb)

When V.H.Thakur saw Sai Baba, he was overjoyed. His eyes were full of tears of joy and his hair stood on end. Then Baba said, “The path of this place is not as easy as the teachings of kanarese saint Appa or even the buffalo ride on Nhane ghat.

In this spiritual path you have to put in your best exertion as it is very difficult”

(Chapter 21) (Kanarese Saint Appa told Thakur many years before that he will meet his Guru when he goes north. Baba was repeating Appa’s statements and telling Thakur that He is the Guru. He also identifies with Appa)

Baba is Akkalkote Maharaj. Baba gave Harischandra Pitale blessings, Udhi and Rs.3/-. He called him close by and said “Bapu I had given you before Rs.2 and now I give you Rs. 3; keep these in your shrine for worship and you will be benefited.”

(Chapter 26). (Pitale’s mother then told him that his father took their family to Akkalkote Maharaj when Pitale was a child. The Maharaj then gave them Rs 2/-)

Rama Maruthi Maharaj of Kalyan, a Sad Guru himself, considered himself a devotee of Baba.

Chapter 34 shows Rama Maruthi Maharaj sending people to Baba for blessings.

Shri Vasudevananda Saraswathi, also known as Tembye Swami was considered an incarnation of Datta. He wrote “Gurucharitra” in Sanskrit from the original Marathi, under the name ‘Samhitayana Gurudwi Sahasri’.
He was camped in Rajamundry, by Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. He had come there to visit, Pithapuram, the birthplace of Shripad Shreevallabh.

Pundalika Rao (Dasganu Maharaj) of Nanded visited Tembye Swami. When the heard that Pundalika Rao was going to Shirdi, the Swami bowed, gave a coconut to Pundalika Rao and said

“Offer this to my brother Sai with my pranam and request Him not to forget me, but ever love me”

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Sai Baba   ...   Sai Baba ...   Sai Baba  ...   Sai  Baba (click here)

Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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