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Just One Day before, Sai Baba arranged the money Rs.20,000/-

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MY EXPERIENCE WITH LORD SAI I am a mechanical engineer running a small scale industry in Bangalore In the year 1980 I had one of the worst experiences of facing partnership problem with my business partner

My partner was insisting on me under the pretext of his ill-health that he should be relieved from the partnership immediately and at the same time he was demanding a good will compensation of Rs One lakh twelve thousand (Rs 1,12,000/-) from me I am a poor engineer without any financial back ground and whatever little money I had was already invested in the business.

The only wealth I was enjoying was my Shraddha (faith) on Lord Sai The industry was in a financial crisis having heavy loans and liabilities all around.

So a challenge was posed on me by this problem, which seemed unsolvable in the beginning.

If I do not concede my partner’s demand, I would not get any more co-operation from him which is all the more detrimental to the smooth operation of the industry.

My friends and well-wishers started advising me


But then whom to beg ? How to borrow ? and what to call ? I was keeping my finger crossed without knowing what to do ?

During this trying period in the month of January 1980, a friend of mine told me that he was planning a visit to Shirdi and asked me whether I was interested in joining him since I was mentally very much disturbed, I readily agreed to join him with the objective of restoring my mental peace.

One night we landed in the great soil of Shirdi and next day after offering my ABHISHEKA SEVA to LORD SAI I put two chits on the silver feet of SAI in the Samadhi Mandir, One chit reading as

“continue with the present partner” and the other chit reading as “discontinue with your partner some how”. In fact I was very much hesitating whether I should do this silly thing on the great noble feet of lord Sai.

Finally I thought that when I am HIS child why to fear and I took the liberty of asking approval for my plant of action from my father (Lord Sai) by these two chits I put two chits on his silver feet and took one of them After coming out of the Samadhi Mandir I opened the chit and read as

“discontinue with your partner some how” .

I read out this to my friend, who was with me and my friend was not happy that I did this silly thing at the feet of Lord Sai.

My friend told me that in partner and therefore some how I should continue with my partner and I should not have put chits on the feet of Lord Sai etc . . .

Yet this time I was firm in my mind and I decided to think and act in arranging for the funds required to pay to my partner as compensation.

After all my father had given his permission and I was sure that he would show me the path for solving my problem provided I have the will to work hard in the right direction with all the sincerity.

After coming back to Bangalore I spent almost every day thinking about the ways and means of arranging the fund.

Many days passed without finding a proper solution to my problem yet I was firm in my thinking and cast all my problems on the feet of Sai.

I wrote to my brother (Physician) for some financial help who readily agreed to give me Rs.30,000/- and yet I was short of Rs.20,000/-

A meeting was arranged between me and my partner with the help of my friends and dissolution deed was drafted.

As per the terms of the deed I was to pay Rs.50,000/- immediately on signing the dissolution deed and the rest of the money was to be paid in 10 equal installments.

According to this I should have cash on hand of Rs.50,000/- and I was still short of Rs.20,000/- and I was therefore desperate.

The day of dissolution i.e. 21-8-1982 was fast approaching. I was all the time thinking that on the day of dissolution my partner would come and all my friends would come and I would be humiliated in their presence since I could not arrange for the required fund.

On the previous day to the day of dissolution i.e. 20-8-1982. I was quietly sitting at Home and my mind was full of the thoughts of the next day.

I had just finished my lunch with my family at about 2.00 pm. We heard a knocking on the front door and when I opened the door I saw one of my old friends along with an old person.

My old friend’s visit at this unusual hour surprised me since I thought that he must have come to me for some financial help from me, because it was my experience in life that hardly any one would give me money and on the other hand many would take financial help from me.

But lo! Here was quite an unusual experience of my life-time.

My old friend told me that he had Rs.20,000/- cash with him and that he was interested in keeping the money with me for some time and I could pay it back whenever it suited me and till such that money would carry some nominal interest.

This was exactly the money that I was short of executing the dissolution deed with my partner.

I offered simple food to my old friend and the old person along with him and they heartily took the food and after resting for a while went away.

How can I forget this great moment in my life ? How can I forget my Sai Narayan in my life even for a second.

Believe me I have dedicated my small factory to My lord Sai Ram.

K. Vasudev Bangalore – 560 058.

(Source Shri Sai Leela October 1983)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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