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difference between a Sewak and a Bhakta – Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support by: Mrs. Sunanda

SAI RAM IN A CHILD Baba Devotee from Mumbai

Baba’s miracles are a living legend and bring bliss to any devotee at any time and I am one among millions of Sai-devotees who have experienced that he is close behind our thoughts and is taking care of us in every moment of our lives.

I stay in a first floor flat in Virar, Mumbai and my neighbors who stay in the ground floor (Yogesh Patel, his wife and a son Yash) are Gujarathis and ardent Sai-devotes.

One evening recently the boy master Yash came to our flat and asked me surprising questions –

“Uncle, are you a Sai Bhakta?

Why are you worshipping Sai Baba?” asked the six year old Yash.

I replied to him “I am doing pooja just like your going to school.

I am a Sai sewak and do not call myself a Sai Bhakta.”

He queried ‘Uncle, what is the difference between a Sewak and a Bhakta.”

I told him “Sai sewak is a humble servant, who offers service to needy persons, read Sai-literature, perform pooja every day and spread his gospel.

A Sai-bhakta is an apostle of Sai Baba who can see Him ‘eye to eye’, talk to Him and convey His messages to trusted devotees and protect them from all sorts of hurdles.”

He listened to me keenly. His next query put me off guard. “Uncle, do you wish to speak with Baba?” I told him “I wish to speak to Sai Baba.

But Baba is not free to talk with ordinary mortals like me.” He said:

“Uncle, you have to fast, meditate and offer flowers regularly for two years and then you can also talk to Sai Baba.”

I asked how he knew about all this. Yash, innocently told me “Baba came in my dreams and told me”.

In a huff, he ran away to play. These words of a six year old boy made me think deeply. As if an answer, I came across a quotation of Swamy Samartha within the next few seconds.

“Some times God acts as the magnet and the devotee as the needle; God attracts the devotee to Himself;

again sometimes the devote acts as the magnet and God as the needle. Such is the attractions of the devotee that God comes to him unable to resist his love.”

I felt what Yash told me was not his own. It is a transparent command of Baba through him to me to attain a higher spiritual plane.

The whole night I was thinking about this, and the difficulties to obtain flowers as we live in the first floor of the apartment.

The next morning, was Thursday. The door bell rang and on opening it I saw Mrs. Patel & little Yash, with a basket of flowers.

She mumbled that they have plenty of flowers in their garden and I am free to collect everyday.

My joy knew no bounds. I could not control my emotions and stretched out both my hands and accepted the basket with flowers from Mrs. Patel. Yash had a big smile on his little face.

I remembered the Vedic verse “Bhagawan Manushya Roopena” and offered my tearful tributes to Baba.

Collected and Presented by : Kanika,Delhi

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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